Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S02-03-10
Social Media Outlet: Twitter
Issue Date:18 April 2016Effective Date:18 April 2016
Rescinds:15 May 2013 Version of D13-07
Index Category:Human Rights and Community Partnerships
This directive establishes Department policy and procedures to create, maintain, and publish text based messages to the Chicago Police Department Twitter account.
II.Social Media Outlet: Twitter
  • A.Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages known as "tweets."
  • B.Twitter is a means to connect the Department to the community in real time. The Department uses Twitter as a tool to build relationships with community members.
III.General Information
  • A.The Chicago Police Department is committed to serving the community and recognizes that current technology, when utilized properly, can provide the Department and community with an essential channel of communication.
  • B.Each District should have a Twitter presence and should be disseminating the following types of information: community alerts, crime prevention tips, success stories and community events.
  • C.Volunteer members should be police officers with authority from the District Commanders to disseminate information on behalf of the district. Volunteer members will participate in the program only during on-duty hours and will not receive additional compensation for participating in the program.
  • D.The identified volunteer members in each district will maintain and update the district-specific authorized Twitter account and use the account to communicate with and engage members of the community in this casual forum.
  • A.Information posted on Twitter often results in media inquires. District personnel shall:
    • 1.notify the Office of News Affairs of tweets concerning notable incidents (e.g. newsworthy arrests) prior to dissemination.
    • all media inquiries received regarding district-specific Twitter postings to the Office of News Affairs.
  • B.The identified volunteer members will be acting as an official representative of the Department and are expected to act accordingly.
  • C.Twitter postings should provide information specific to the participating member's district.
  • D.Those members authorized to post district-specific Twitter entries/responses will do so using only a Department electronic device.
  • E.Unauthorized advertising of private projects, products or services will not be allowed.
  • F.Participating members must follow the guidelines set forth in the Rules and Regulations of the Chicago Police Department and the Department directives including, but not limited to, "Use of Social Media Outlets," "Use of the Internet," and "Department-Issued Electronic Communication Devices."
  • A.District commanders will:
    • 1.identify two members to function as the district Twitter representatives.
    • 2.submit the names, ranks, star numbers, employee numbers, log-on ID numbers and Department e-mail addresses of the Twitter representatives to the Office of News Affairs.
  • B.The district community policing sergeant will review the respective district-specific Twitter postings on a regular basis and ensure:
    • 1.those making the District's Twitter account entries post district crime alerts, crime prevention tips, district beat meetings, district success stories and special events.
    • 2.that any posted information is current, correct, valid, and appropriate.
    • 3.that any posting deemed inappropriate is discontinued.
  • C.Office of News Affairs will:
    • 1.provide participating members with social media guidance.
    • 2.respond to any media inquiries that result from District-level Twitter communications.
    • 3.oversee the Twitter account transmissions.
  • D.Information Services Division will be responsible for:
    • 1.any technical aspects of the program.
    • 2.ensuring the program is in compliance with all record retention requirements.
VI.Conflict Provision
If this directive conflicts with the existing policy concerning the use and prohibitions of social media or acting as an official representative of the Department, including the policies outlined in Department directives entitled "Use of Social Media Outlets," "Use of the Internet," and "News Media Guidelines," this directive will take precedence.
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-156 SDR