Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E08-04
The Hundred Club of Cook County
Issue Date:30 May 2014Effective Date:30 May 2014
Rescinds:13 July 2004 Version
Index Category:Outside Organization Programs
This directive describes the operation of the Hundred Club of Cook County and delineates notification procedures.
The Hundred Club of Cook County is a private, nonprofit charitable organization of business and civic leaders established for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to surviving spouses and children of police officers and fire fighters who are killed in the performance of their duties. The criteria established by the Hundred Club of Cook County for assistance to the survivors of police officers is that the officer has lost his or her life in the performance of or as a result of performing a law enforcement function. Upon evaluation of family resources, financial aid and educational guidance may be provided for children of families that demonstrate need. These benefits are in addition to whatever may be provided by other agencies.
  • A.When a sworn member is killed in the line of duty or dies as a result of injuries received in the line of duty, Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC) will ensure that an immediate notification has been made to the Special Activities Section.
  • B.Special Activities Section personnel will immediately notify the representative of the Hundred Club of Cook County and will coordinate arrangements between that organization and the Chicago Police Department.
  • C.The commanding officer of the deceased member will cooperate with the Special Activities Section in compiling all needed information.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
14-048 CMW