Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-01-03
CLEAR Automated Major Incident Notification Application Pilot Program
Issue Date:04 October 2004Effective Date:04 October 2004
Index Category:Information Management
This directive:
  • A.introduces the CLEAR Automated Major Incident Notification (MIN) Application, an automated record for major incident notifications.
  • B.establishes responsibilities and procedures for the entry of information into the CLEAR Automated Major Incident Notification.
  • C.introduces the:
    • 1.Major Incident Notification Index (CPD-11.804);
    • 2.Major Incident Notification Detail Report (CPD-11.805);
    • 3.Major Incident Media Notification List (CPD-11.806);
    • 4.Major Incident Notification Patrol Summary Report (CPD-11.807).
  • A.The Pilot application will become operational on 04 October 2004 in Area 4 Detective Division units and at Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC).
  • B.Trained personnel will generate a major incident notification using the MIN application.
III.General Information
  • A.The following personnel are authorized to enter data into the MIN application:
    • 1.Personnel assigned to CPIC.
    • 2.Sergeants and above assigned to the Detective Division.
  • B.Inquiry access is authorized for all members with the rank of lieutenant and above, Department wide.
  • C.Access for members not specifically designated in this directive will be authorized upon written approval of the appropriate deputy superintendent.
  • D.Confidential notification reports can be viewed only by the creator of the report, Detective Division supervisors, and other designated personnel. The creator of the report can access the report even if he or she does not have overall access to all confidential notification reports. Additionally, Detective Division supervisors and other designated personnel are authorized to update confidential notification reports.
  • E.To prevent duplication of records, members will conduct a retrieval of the incident prior to creating a notification record.
  • F.Once the record is submitted, it can be re-queried through the “search for add / update of additional information” function. The record can be modified any number of times by a user who has “create / update” access into the system.
  • G.When the “submit” button is activated on the “Review and Submit” page, it will generate an automatic e-mail notification to the appropriate personnel selected by the creator of the notification.
    Members will complete the Automated Major Incident Notification Report using the on-screen prompts and training provided by the Public Safety Information Technology. For specific procedures on completing an automated major incident notification, refer to the “User’s Guide to Automated Major Incident Notification in CLEAR” published by the Public Safety Information Technology and available on the Department intranet.
  • A.Bureau of Patrol
    District personnel will:
  • B.CPIC
    Upon telephonic notification from field personnel, CPIC personnel will enter major incidents into the MIN application.
  • C.Detective Division Responsibilities
    • 1.Designated Detective Division personnel will enter major incidents, as identified by the Chief, Detective Division, into the MIN application.
      Detective Division supervisors will follow the procedures outlined in Detective Division Special Order entitled "Detective Division Major Incident Log."
    • 2.Detective Division Supervisors are authorized to:
      • a.update a Major Incident Notification record entered by the CPIC call taker.
      • b.add, modify, and/or delete information created by CPIC call taker.
      • c.create a new Major Incident Notification record not yet entered into the system.
      • d.create a “negative log” entry for a tour of duty that does not have any Major Incident Notifications to be reported.
Training on the Automated Major Incident Notification System will be provided by Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT) at a designated facility. Additional assistance will be available via the Help Desk and the “User Guide to Automated Major Incident Notification (MIN),” available on the Department intranet.
VI.Procedures in the Event of MIN Application Outage
If an authorized member assigned to CPIC or the Detective Division is unable to access the MIN application due to system outage, the member will:
  • A.conduct all required notifications via the telephone.
  • B.notify the Help Desk.
  • C.once operational, information will be entered into the system as previously conducted.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
04-181 AMD(PMD)