Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-01-01
Information Systems Development Group
Issue Date:28 November 2018Effective Date:28 November 2018
Rescinds:05 May 2009 Version
Index Category:Information Management
The Information Systems Development Group (ISDG) will determine priorities regarding the development of Department information system projects and related applications.
  • A.Membership of the ISDG will consist of the following (or his or her designee):
    • 1.Chief, Bureau of Technical Services, who will serve as Chairperson;
    • 2.General Counsel to the Superintendent;
    • 3.Deputy Chief, Administrative and Logistic Support Group, Bureau of Organizational Development;
    • 4.Director, Research and Development Division, who will serve as Secretary;
    • 5.Director, Information Services Division, who will serve as Vice-Chairperson;
    • 6.Director of Strategy, Office of the Superintendent;
    • 7.designee from the Office of the Superintendent;
    • 8.designee from the Office of the First Deputy Superintendent;
    • 9.designee from the Chief, Bureau of Patrol;
    • 10.designee from the Chief, Bureau of Detectives;
    • 11.designee from the Chief, Bureau of Organized Crime;
    • 12.designee from the Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs;
    • 13.designee from the Deputy Chief, Office of Community Policing; and
    • 14.designee from the Director, Management and Labor Affairs Section.
  • B.The ISDG must meet at least quarterly and will conduct business only when a quorum of the membership is present.
  • C.A quorum will consist of the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson and seven other members.
  • A.The ISDG is responsible for:
    • 1.recommending projects that are in the best long-term interests of the Department for improving operations and management consistent with the overall direction established by the Superintendent and the City’s Department of Information Technology;
    • 2.assessing and identifying user needs;
    • 3.reviewing security policy;
    • 4.recommending policies and strategies that promote data integrity;
    • 5.recommending strategies that will promote the development and sharing of regional, state, and federal information system resources; and
    • 6.conferring with the Executive Director, Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC), regarding any issues affecting communications systems.
  • B.The Chief, Bureau of Technical Services, as Chairperson of the ISDG, is responsible for:
    • 1.documenting the automated informational needs of the Department;
    • 2.presenting information concerning new and innovative computer technologies and information systems that will satisfy Departmental needs;
    • 3.ensuring that major new services and software are developed to meet the priorities identified by the ISDG and authorized by the Superintendent;
    • 4.reporting to the ISDG the cost and status of projects and proposals to determine feasibility;
    • 5.preparing and updating a Five-Year Information Technology Plan;
    • 6.acting as the primary liaison with the City's Department of Information Technology; and
    • 7.reporting the findings of the ISDG to the First Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent.
  • C.The Director, Research and Development Division, as Secretary of the ISDG, is responsible for ensuring policies and procedures developed by the ISDG and authorized by the Superintendent are reflected in the Department’s directives.
  • D.The Deputy Chief, Administrative and Logistic Support Group, will confer with the Director, Grants Section, to identify possible grant funding for improving technologies and computerized systems.
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Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
18-099 MJC