Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-01-04
Validation Program, Computer Files
Issue Date:30 July 1987Effective Date:31 July 1987
Index Category:Information Management
This directive continues the Department validation program for computer record files and assigns responsibilities for its operation.
II.Goals and Scope
  • A.The Department is required to validate its National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) and Hot Desk files at scheduled intervals. The validation allows the Department to:
    • 1.maintain the integrity of information contained within these files.
    • 2.provide accurate information to Department members and other law enforcement agencies.
    • 3.prevent the dissemination of outdated or erroneous information.
  • B.Each month the Department will systematically validate:
    • 1.the following active computerized records in LEADS, NCIC and Hot Desk system:
      • a.Boat
      • b.Gun
      • c.License Plate
      • d.Missing Persons
      • e.Vehicle ( including vehicle parts)
      • f.Wanted Persons
    • 2.such other files as may be required by LEADS or NCIC.
  • C.All records itemized in Item II-B of this directive will be validated between:
    • 1.60 and 90 days of the original entry.
    • 2.14 and 15 months of the original entry.
    • 3.26 and 27 months of the original entry.
    • 4.38 and 39 months of the original entry.
  • D.The Submit Information Report (SIR) file will be audited once each year.
  • A.The Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT) will provide the Records Services Division and Youth Investigations Section with data to be audited including Stolen Vehicle Validation (CPD-15.501) cards, Stolen Vehicle Inquiry (CPD-15.501-A) postcards and computer listings of the files specified in Item II-B of this directive, as appropriate.
  • B.The Director, Records Services Division, will designate personnel to:
    • 1.determine priorities and scheduling, coordinate activities of involved units (i.e., Detective Division, etc.) and take necessary action to ensure the success of the program.
    • 2.monitor reports concerning stolen / recovered property and wanted persons.
    • 3.conduct internal audits of property records and purge/update computer files as necessary.
  • C.The Youth Investigations Section will validate files under its control according to the schedule outlined in Item II-C of this directive.
Fred Rice
Superintendent of Police
85-108 DF (MP)