Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U04-02-09
Expandable Baton
Issue Date:06 March 2014Effective Date:06 March 2014
Rescinds:14 June 2012 Version
Index Category:Uniform and Personal Equipment
This directive:
  • A.authorizes sworn Department members:
    • purchase, receive training, and carry an expandable baton and scabbard as an authorized baton.
    • 2.previously trained to continue carrying an approved expandable baton.
  • B.describes Department policy and procedures for certification and use of the expandable baton.
  • C.requires the In-Service Training Section, Education and Training Division, to train and certify sworn Department members to carry the approved expandable baton.
Department members will use an amount of force reasonably necessary, based on the totality of the circumstances, to perform a lawful task, effect an arrest, overcome resistance, control a subject, or to protect themselves or others from injury. The expandable baton will be used properly under the guidelines outlined in the Department directive entitled "Use of Force Guidelines."
III.General Information
  • A.The expandable baton is a collapsible impact weapon used for striking and establishing control of a subject by applying mechanical impact.
  • B.Department members trained and certified during the Expandable Baton Pilot Program are authorized to carry and use an approved expandable baton.
  • C.Sworn Department members hired on or after 27 September 04 have received expandable baton training and will not be required to participate in additional in-service training.
  • D.The Education and Training Division "Expandable Baton" training course is the only authorized training and certification program for Department members desiring to carry an expandable baton.
  • E.An approved expandable baton and scabbard must be purchased prior to training and brought to the training with a duty belt.
  • F.Training and certification must be obtained prior to carrying an approved expandable baton.
    The "Expandable Baton" training course is physically demanding. Members will be required to pass a performance test and a written test. A score of at least 70 percent is required to pass the written test. Department members who fail either the performance or the written test will not be certified to carry the expandable baton, but have the option to retake the course.
  • G.Expandable baton training will be conducted by certified instructors at selected sites as designated in the eLearning system expandable baton registration site. The In-Service Training Section, Education and Training Division, will:
    • 1.regularly schedule classes for the "Expandable Baton" training course.
    • 2.provide expandable baton training and certification.
    • 3.maintain and update the training database.
  • A.Sworn Department members seeking to carry an approved expandable baton will:
    • 1.purchase an approved expandable baton and scabbard.
    • 2.access the eLearning system to request training.
      • a.Access the eLearning system through the Department intranet.
      • b.Log in to their eLearning account.
      • c.Keyword search "Expandable Baton."
    • the "Expandable Baton" training course option which will then display a calendar with the available training dates and times.
    • training dates and times during regularly scheduled duty hours by clicking on the desired dates. Members can select more than one date. Click the "submit" button to send the request for approval.
    • notified through their Department email account of the date and time for training.
      Only members notified through Department email that they have been approved and selected will attend any scheduled training. Walk-ins to training sessions will not be permitted.
    • to the training site with their approved expandable baton, scabbard, and full duty belt wearing clothing appropriate for physical activity.
      Members notified to report and who fail to attend scheduled training will not be allowed to reschedule training for at least a thirty-day period unless they have made timely notification to the In-Service Training Section.
    • on time to the training facility.
    • 8.allow four hours to complete the training.
  • B.Station supervisors/designated unit supervisors and commanding officers will review all electronic requests for expandable baton training and, based on manpower considerations, either:
    • 1.approve the request via the eLearning system; or
    • 2.return the submitted eLearning request to the requesting individual for rescheduling.
  • C.The Education and Training Division will:
    • 1.provide regularly scheduled "Expandable Baton" training courses.
    • 2.regularly update the eLearning system with a list of forthcoming "Expandable Baton" training courses.
    • 3.accept registration via the eLearning system website as described in Item IV-A of this directive.
    • 4.provide certified instructors for training.
V.Reporting Procedures
Any Department member who is involved in a use-of-force incident involving an expandable baton will:
VI.Product Descriptions
There are two approved manufacturers of expandable batons: Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) and Monadnock. The following are the approved expandable batons, scabbard, and baton end caps:
  • A.The ASP expandable baton in 16", 21", 26", and 31" extended lengths are approved equipment. The corresponding model numbers are F16, F21, F26, and F31. Models below 26" are approved for general field use. Models F26 and F31 are approved for Mounted Unit use only.
  • B.The ASP Talon expandable baton in 16", 20", and 24" extended lengths are approved equipment. The corresponding model numbers are T40, T50, and T60. These models are approved for general field use.
  • C.The 9000 series Monadnock AutoLock expandable baton and 2000 series friction lock in 21", 22", and 26" lengths are approved equipment. The 26" model is approved for Mounted Unit use only.
  • D.The approved scabbard must secure to the duty belt and may be a black plain finished polycarbonate holder designed to house the specific expandable baton or a plain black leather or leather composite holder that accommodates the specific expandable baton.
  • E.The standard end caps provided with approved expandable batons may be modified with only the following end caps:
    • 1.ASP expandable batons:
      • a.Leverage cap model 2921. Chicago Police logo is permitted on the end cap.
      • b.Baton grip cap 2916. Chicago Police logo is permitted on the end cap.
    • 2.The Monadnock expandable baton can only be modified with the Hindi end cap for Autolock and friction lock models.
(Items revised are indicated by italics/double underline.)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
T14-031 PJE