Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E01-13
Religious Accommodations Policy
Issue Date:02 November 2012Effective Date:02 November 2012
Index Category:Employee Rights and Responsibilities
This directive:
  • A.describes the Department's Religious Accommodations Policy.
  • B.delineates the procedures available to Department members for requesting a religious accommodation.
  • C.describes the range of options available to the Department for addressing religious accommodations requests.
The City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department are enriched by individuals of many faiths that have various religious observances, practices, and beliefs. It is Department policy and practice to provide religious accommodations for Department members unless the accommodation would create an undue hardship on operations of the Department.
III.Request for Religious Accommodation
  • A.An accommodation may include a permanent or temporary modification to a member's tour of duty, watch, day off group, uniform, or any other aspect of the work environment.
  • B.To request a religious accommodation, a Department member shall submit a To-From-Subject Report to the member's exempt commanding officer describing the accommodation request and the reason(s) for the request.
  • C.Upon receiving a religious accommodation request, the exempt commanding officer or their designee will immediately forward the original report to the Director, Human Resources Division, with a copy to the General Counsel to the Superintendent.
  • D.The Director, Human Resources Division, will:
    • 1.evaluate the request and determine whether an accommodation is available which is reasonable and which will not create undue hardship on the Department's operations.
    • 2.consult with the commanding officer of the member making the request, and if applicable, Department subject matter experts, regarding the religious accommodation request.
    • 3.confer with the General Counsel to the Superintendent to determine if any applicable local and federal laws govern the requested accommodation. The City of Chicago Department of Law may be consulted if deemed necessary.
    • 4.provide a written response to the requesting member within 7 calendar days. A copy of the response will be forwarded to the requesting member's exempt commanding officer and to the General Counsel to the Superintendent.
      • a.The requesting member will retain their copy of the religious accommodation response.
      • b.Unit commanding officers will ensure the submitting member's unit personnel file is updated to include the religious accommodation request and response.
    • 5.maintain all religious accommodation requests submitted by Department members and all Department responses to those requests on file in the Human Resources Division for a period of 3 years.
    • 6.update the submitting member's personnel file to include the religious accommodation response.
  • E.If the accommodation request is determined to be unreasonable and cannot be granted, then an alternative accommodation can be proposed to the requesting member or the requesting member can modify their request.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12- 044 PMD