Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D13-11
Facial Recognition Technology
Issue Date:23 August 2013Effective Date:23 August 2013
Index Category:Department Notice
This directive informs Department members of the availability of facial recognition technology for investigative purposes.
II.General Information
Facial recognition technology used by the Department accomplishes facial matching by creating a template of mapped geometric points from an existing image. The software uses an algorithm that maps the facial image and then compares it to those images within the comparison database. The software then ranks the highest scoring mugshots to the suspect image.
III.Units With Facial Recognition Technology
Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) software is being used in the Bureau of Detectives - Area Detective Divisions, Bureau of Organized Crime, and Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC).
The Bureau of Detectives is responsible for investigative follow-up involving images for FRT. Policies, training and protocols will be developed and maintained by the Bureau of Detectives.
When preliminary investigating officers determine that photographic or video evidence exists that has a facial image that might be identified through FRT they will:
  • A.Notify the responsible Area Detective Unit.
  • B.If requested, prepare a supplementary report informing followup investigators that an image is available and whether it has been inventoried. If the image has been inventoried, provide the inventory number of the evidence.
  • C.Inform the Area Detective Unit where the image may be located if the digital evidence has not been inventoried. Notification will be recorded in their Automated Incident Reporting Application (AIRA) report..
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
13-067 RWN