Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G10-01-02
District Intelligence Officer
Issue Date:16 October 2013Effective Date:16 October 2013
Index Category:Gang and Narcotic Abatement
This directive describes the duties and responsibilities of the district intelligence officer.
The district intelligence officer will:
  • directly to the district commander.
  • B.attend Gang Audit and District Gang Audit Update sessions.
  • C.forward newly updated gang audit information directly to the Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC) via unit Department e-mail.
  • D.gather and update gang and general intelligence as dictated by the district commander for all district beats and watches.
  • E.forward information to be included in the District Intelligence Bulletin to Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT).
  • F.regularly attend roll calls to obtain and share information about current conflicts, alliances, and any other gang-related issues with district personnel.
  • G.obtain and share information on gang funerals within the district and adjacent district with the district commander and/or district executive officer, district tactical team lieutenant, and district station supervisor within their district and all other affected districts. This information should include, but is not limited to:
    • 1.locations, dates, and times of wakes, funeral services, and repasts; and
    • 2.dates, times, and routes of funeral processions.
  • H.obtain and share information on gang parties held in private residences, parks, streets, bars, and social clubs within the district and adjacent district with the district commander and/or district executive officer, district tactical team lieutenant, and district station supervisor.
  • cognizant of specific dates that gangs might be either celebrating or memorializing and share that information with unit members as those dates approach.
  • the Department of Streets and Sanitation and request all gang shooting memorials erected on the public way or on public property be removed immediately. District intelligence officers will notify the district tactical team lieutenant, district station supervisor, and CPIC when gang shooting memorials are located prior to removal. The district station supervisor will ensure that a car is assigned to protect Streets and Sanitation members as they are removing the memorial.
  • with all Department members in the district in order to facilitate and encourage the collection and sharing of district gang intelligence.
  • the finalized Associate List to identify those members that are on parole or probation or wanted on investigative alerts or warrants.
  • M.receive daily gang intelligence from CPIC regarding gang conflicts, potential gang retaliations, lists of Gang Intervention Probation Program (GIPP) offenders, and any other relevant information.
  • N.liaise with BOP Administration to ensure the Targeted Repeat Offender Apprehension and Prosecution (TRAP) offender list is updated as needed and disseminated to all watches.
  • district law enforcement operations conducted within the district that involve gangs. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • 1.Search warrant execution (including those conducted by outside units),
    • 2.Mission activity directed against local gang(s),
    • 3.Response to bona fide "person shot" calls,
    • 4.Response to bona fide "shots fired" calls where gang activity is suspected, and
    • 5.Post-arrest debriefing of gang members.
    Only the district commander and/or district executive officer may authorize calling in the district intelligence officer when the district intelligence officer is off duty
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
13-038 JAB