Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S11-09
Law Enforcement National Data Exchange
Issue Date:29 January 2014Effective Date:29 January 2014
Index Category:Training
This directive:
  • A.introduces a federal data sharing program entitled Law Enforcement - National Data Exchange (N-DEx). N-DEx is a repository of information from state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies that provides the capabilities of making potential linkages between stored data submitted by participants.
  • B.informs members of a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois State Police (ISP) which provides authorized users direct access to N-DEx.
  • C.provides members with step-by-step instruction to access N-DEx, via the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Portal Help Guide, available on the CLEAR homepage.
  • D.informs users that access to N-DEx requires both LEADS certification and N-DEx computer based training certification.
II.General Information
The Law Enforcement N-DEx program ensures that:
  • A.participating agencies own and maintain their data.
  • B.the system includes active and up-to-date case files.
  • C.sharing controls allows submitters to define exactly how and what kind of data they want to share.
  • is not disseminated, nor any law enforcement action taken, without first contacting the record-owning agency.
  • E.members are informed of the federal requirement to change passwords every ninety days.
  • A.The Managing Deputy Director, Public Safety Information Technology Group, will:
    • 1.ensure that access to all Federal Law Enforcement Data Resource links are available through the CLEAR system.
    • 2.serve as the liaison to the ISP on matters of policy and certification.
  • B.The PSIT liaison will:
    • 1.ensure the CPD assists and coordinates with ISP staff during FBI triennial audits.
    • 2.notify the ISP if the CJIS receives a report of possible misuse of N-DEx data.
    • 3.coordinate with the ISP liaison and follows up with the CPD to ensure investigations and sanctions are applied as necessary.
  • C.The Deputy Chief, Education and Training Division will ensure an e-learning course of N-Dex instruction is made available to Department members.
    Department members are required to print out the certificate upon completion of the N-Dex course. This will serve as record of completion. Otherwise, the N-Dex course will not be considered completed.
IV.Accessing N-DEx DATA
  • A.Any Department member who is LEADS certified is authorized to access N-DEx.
  • B.To access N-DEx data, members will go to the CLEAR homepage and, under Department Resources, select "CJIS Portal" or "CJIS Portal Help" for additional instruction.
  • C.Members will enter their CLEAR username and password.
Authenticated by: JKH
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-153 AMR