Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-06-01
Removal Process for D-2, D-2A, and D-3 Positions
Issue Date:12 March 2019Effective Date:12 March 2019
Rescinds:13 August 2014 Version
Index Category:Career Development
This directive:
  • A.It is the policy of the Department to ensure that sworn members below the rank of sergeant assigned to D-2, D-2A, and D-3 assignments are adequately performing the functions of their assignment. If a commanding officer requests a performance review of a member under his or her command, a Review Board may be convened to determine whether the member is adequately performing the functions of their assignment and ensure the member receives sufficient due process.
  • B.The Review Board process will only be utilized in cases involving the review of an officer's performance. The Review Board process will not apply if a member is being removed from their assignment for a reason unrelated to their performance (e.g., budget modification, reduction in force initiative, etc.).
III.Request for Removal
  • A.The process of removing a sworn member below the rank of sergeant from a D-2, D-2A, and D-3 assignment will be initiated by a supervisor via To-From-Subject Report through the chain of command to the affected member's Bureau Chief. The report requesting removal will include documentation supporting the request.
  • B.The affected member's Bureau Chief, or designated exempt member, will review and forward the removal request to the Office of Legal Affairs for a determination of legal sufficiency. If the removal request is:
    • 1.legally sufficient, Office of Legal Affairs will initiate the Review Board process.
    • 2.not legally sufficient, it will be returned to the initiating supervisor with additional instructions. Such instructions may include, but not be limited to, requests for additional information or recommendations that the affected member receive additional training, counseling, and/or placement into the Behavioral Intervention System.
IV.Review Board Process
  • A.The Review Board will be the forum for hearings regarding the removal of a sworn member below the rank of sergeant from D-2, D-2A, and D-3 assignments.
  • B.The Review Board will consist of the following members or a designated exempt member from the respective bureau:
    • 1.Chief, Bureau of Patrol;
    • 2.Chief, Bureau of Detectives;
    • 3.Chief, Bureau of Organized Crime;
    • 4.Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development;
    • 5.Chief, Bureau of Technical Services;
    • 6.Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs;
    • 7.A representative, Office of Legal Affairs, who will serve as the Review Board secretary and a nonvoting member; and
    • 8.A representative, Management and Labor Affairs Section, who will be a nonvoting member.
  • C.The affected member's Bureau Chief or their designated exempt member will serve as chairman and a nonvoting member.
  • D.A quorum of three voting members must be present to conduct a Review Board hearing.
  • E.The affected member's commanding officer will provide all relevant documents to the Review Board secretary for distribution to members of the Review Board. The affected member's commanding officer will also present the case for removal to the Review Board.
  • F.The member appearing before the Review Board will have the right to an advocate of their choice (attorney, Fraternal Order of Police representative, etc.).
    • 1.The advocate may present witnesses.
    • 2.The advocate may not cross-examine or question members of the Review Board.
  • G.The member appearing before the Review Board may offer documentation and testimony.
  • H.Upon receiving all relevant documentation and testimony, the Review Board will deliberate and arrive at a determination by conducting a poll of voting Review Board members. A majority of the Review Board members comprising a quorum is required for consensus.
V.Notice of Hearing Before the Review Board
  • A.The affected member must be notified of the:
    • 1.potential consequences of their conduct. The notification is satisfied by Department directives, Rules & Regulations, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
    • of the affected member's performance before the Review Board.
    • 3.Review Board date, via the Daily Court Notifications system, once the affected member acknowledges receipt of the Notice Of Hearing Before The Review Board Pursuant To E05-06-01 (CPD-12.151).
  • B.The Office of Legal Affairs, via the affected member's chain of command, will serve the affected member with the Notice Of Hearing Before The Review Board Pursuant To E05-06-01 (CPD-12.151). advising the member of the specific date(s) and time(s) of the incident(s) and identification of essential facts associated with the incident(s) under review.
  • C.Within seven (7) working days of receiving notice, the affected member has the right to request a hearing before the Review Board.
    • 1.The affected member will submit a request for hearing to the Commander, Management and Labor Affairs Section. The hearing request will include a written response to the allegation(s) contained in the notice.
    • 2.If no request for a hearing is received, the affected member will be deemed to have accepted notice and waived the right to a hearing.
    • 3.The affected member bears the burden of proving a hearing was requested in a timely manner.
VI.Conduct of The Hearing
  • A.The basis for convening the Review Board will be read at the hearing.
  • B.An audio recording will be made of all testimony given at a Review Board hearing.
  • C.Review Board members will have the option of questioning the affected member.
  • D.When arriving to a determination, the Review Board will consider all evidence, written and oral.
  • E.Within five (5) business days, the Department will inform the affected member, in writing, of the determination which may include, but is not limited to:
    • 1.removing the affected member from their assignment;
    • 2.establishing a period of supervision after which the Review Board will reconvene for further determination;
    • 3.scheduling training, counseling, and/or mentoring to address concerns;
    • 4.other remediation as deemed appropriate prior to removal; and/or
    • action necessary. The affected member will maintain his or her current assignment.
VII.Appeal Process
  • A.Within seventy-two (72) hours of receiving the Review Board's decision, the affected member may submit a To-From-Subject Report through their chain of command to the Office of Superintendent.
  • B.The Superintendent will have the authority to affirm or reverse the Review Board decision within fourteen (14) days after the meeting of the Review Board. The Superintendent's decision will be communicated via the Office of Legal Affairs form entitled "Determination In The Appeal Of The Review Board Decision (CPD-12.154)."
  • C.The final decision will be provided to the Director, Human Resources Division, for appropriate action(s).
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
19-018 MC