Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S07-01-07
Administrative Disposal of Property
Issue Date:29 April 2014Effective Date:01 May 2014
Rescinds:02 May 2012 Version of S07-01-03
Index Category:Processing Property
This directive identifies inventoried property subject to administrative disposal by the Evidence and Recovered Property Section (ERPS).
II.General Procedures
  • A.Property subject to the administrative disposal procedure includes all property held by ERPS associated with an incident that is classified as:
    • 1.a felony or misdemeanor with no named offender and the statute of limitations for prosecution has lapsed.
    • 2.a felony or misdemeanor where the named offender has not been arrested and the statute of limitations for prosecution has lapsed.
    • 3.a felony or misdemeanor where the offender was arrested, the court case has been adjudicated, and the appeal process has exhausted.
    • 4.“Found” or “Prisoner’s Personal Property” retained longer than 30 days.
  • B.The Commander, ERPS, will, in consultation with the Chief, Bureau of Administration, and the Office of Legal Affairs, establish written unit-level procedures for the selection, review, and approval for the administrative disposal of property.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-149 JAB
1. -
Rendering the property unsuitable for use, offering the property for sale at auction, donating the property, or turning the property over to the Department or other City agency for use.