Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-30
Application for Police Legal Officer II
Issue Date:16 May 2014Effective Date:16 May 2014
Index Category:Career Development
This directive:
  • A.informs Department members applications for Police Legal Officer II are being accepted until Friday, 13 June 2014 at 1500 hours.
  • B.delineates the duties, eligibility requirements, application procedures, selection process, and training for the position of Police Legal Officer II.
  • C.introduces the use of the internet application.
A Police Legal Officer II:
  • A.serves as a legal resource for the members of the Chicago Police Department.
  • Complaint Register investigations for legal sufficiency, prepares summaries of completed cases, assists in the preparation and presentation of disciplinary cases to the Police Board (PB) and writes rebuttals for Police Board cases in support of the discipline imposed by the Superintendent.
  •, analyzes and researches statutes, ordinances, amendments to ordinances, and current court decisions relevant to legal issues affecting the Department.
  • D.assists in the issuance of subpoenas for Police Board cases.
  • discovery requests for civil litigation proceedings and initiates requests for documents to comply with the requests.
  • F.monitors and advises senior Department staff members on Police Board matters.
  • G.serves as a liaison to the City of Chicago Department of Law on various legal issues.
  • H.responds to legal questions initiated by Department employees and the public.
  • I.maintains records and prepares reports.
  • J.assists the Department of Law in the preparation and presentation of litigation before state and federal courts in which the City of Chicago, the Department, or any of its members are a party by ensuring evidence preservation, preparation of interrogatories, requests for production of documents and legal memoranda.
  • K.assists in the preparation of cases and represents the Department before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  • L.appears at various hearings as an expert witness to support and defend the Department's position on policy matters.
  • M.represents the Department before state and federal courts, the Police Board, and federal, state, and local government bodies investigating complaints of discrimination and other labor issues against the Department.
  • N.when designated, represents the General Counsel or the Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs, on various working groups or in meetings within and outside the Department covering policy, labor, or discipline issues.
  • O.prepares training material and conducts training of Department members concerning various legal and disciplinary topics via Department streaming videos and in-service training.
  • P.supervises and reviews the work of Legal Officers I and support staff.
  • Q.assists in the preparation of initial case analysis and review of recommended charges for legal sufficiency.
  • R.drafts legally complete charges and specifications for separation cases.
  • S.conducts legal research on projects as assigned by the Superintendent of Police, General Counsel, or the Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs.
  • T.manages complex projects and ensures that units and personnel within the Department, that are responsible for various aspects of a project, meet goals in a timely manner.
  • U.assigned as the Department Advocate, Bureau of Internal Affairs, will also:
    • daily with the Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs, and other exempt members of the Department to establish, monitor and enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Department.
    • 2.advise command staff and supervisory personnel regarding the application of polices and procedures as they relate to discipline.
    • 3.oversee planning strategies to improve the disciplinary process.
    • completed cases for legal and investigative sufficiency and, if sustained, determine if the penalty is commensurate with the member's actions and work history.
    • 5.write rebuttals for Police Board cases in support of the discipline imposed by the Superintendent.
    • grievance, arbitration, Police Board and other official decisions which may impact the disciplinary process and internal procedures and make recommendations when required.
    • 7.appear at various hearings as an expert witness to support and defend the Department's position on disciplinary matters and ensure proper and consistent representation.
    • 8.advise and assist the Commander, Management and Labor Affairs, in preparing grievance and arbitration hearings and represent the Department as the lead attorney in Expedited Arbitration Hearings.
    • 9.instruct probationary police officers, pre-service sergeants, pre-service lieutenants and pre-service captains, as well as civilian members of the Department, in complaint and disciplinary procedures.
    • 10.conduct Disciplinary Screening Program (DSP) hearings with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).
    • 11.present seminars to civilian groups and outside police agencies to provide an overview of the Department, the Bureau of Internal Affairs, or the disciplinary process.
    • 12.mediate the resolution of Complaint Register investigations in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.
    • 13.supervise Department members assigned to the Advocate Section.
    • 14.prepare responses to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) appeals; prepare and review legal agreements, contracts, memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and inter-government agreements (IGAs).
  • A.By the close of the application period, members who are interested in applying must have a minimum of two years of continuous service as a Sergeant with the Chicago Police Department:
  • B.By the close of the application period, members interested in applying must:
    • a sworn member in the rank of Sergeant.
    • 2.possess a law degree from an accredited law school.
    • 3.currently be admitted to the Illinois Bar and be in good standing.
    • 4.have a minimum of one year of legal experience.
    • willing and able to perform the duties of a Police Legal Officer II.
    • willing and able to work any watch assignment and change work hours in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement between the City of Chicago and the PBPA, Unit 156-Sergeants.
    • 7.have an acceptable disciplinary record. The candidate's disciplinary record cannot reflect any sustained Complaint Register (C.R.) investigations for misconduct resulting in suspensions of more than seven (7) days during the preceding 12 month period; or a record of three (3) or more sustained C.R. investigations resulting in suspensions of any length of time within the past five years.
      Sustained C.R. investigations with findings of “No Disciplinary Action” will not be considered as sustained violations for purposes of this selection process. Candidates with pending grievances or Police Board cases concerning discipline will be allowed to apply for the position of Police Legal Officer II. Such applications will be considered if the candidate's disciplinary record is modified or expunged as a result of the grievance or Police Board hearing so the member's disciplinary record meets the disciplinary standards set forth in this directive.
    • 8.have an acceptable attendance record. The candidate's attendance record cannot reflect any unauthorized absences within the preceding 12 month period.
    • acceptable medical roll usage guidelines. If the candidate's medical roll usage reflects nine (9) or more medical incidents and/or 45 days or more on the medical roll within the preceding three (3) year period, absent exceptional circumstances, or demonstrates a pattern of medical roll abuse or misuse (i.e., the candidate goes on the medical roll when assigned to an involuntary detail; the medical roll use is linked to furlough, RDOs, or other time due to extend time off; or the candidate is found to have used the medical roll in an unauthorized manner or demonstrates other behaviors demonstrating medical roll misuse), the candidate will be disqualified.
      Medical time used in relation to approved FMLA leaves, ADA accommodations, or IOD injuries cannot be the basis for disqualification.
    • 10.have satisfied all indebtedness to the City of Chicago.
    • willing to forego days off on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, as required by operational needs.
    • willing to reschedule a furlough period if it conflicts with training.
    • 13.have received performance ratings consistent with the minimum score necessary to qualify for a step increase as defined in the Department Performance Evaluation System.
    • 14.not have been previously removed for cause from assignment as a Police Legal Officer II.
IV.Application Procedures
  • A.Candidates will:
    • the link "Police Legal Officer II' under "Job Openings;"
    • 3.follow the procedures for submitting an application. A "Candidate Experience Click-by-Click Guide" is available on the Human Resource Division's intranet site to assist in submitting an application. To access the Guide, click on Bureau Sites, then click on Human Resources Division, then click on Career Development and Performance, and then click on "Candidate Experience Guide."
      Questions regarding completing a profile or application in Careers should be directed to the City of Chicago, Department of Human Resources, at 312-744-4976.
  • B.Proxy applications will be allowed under limited circumstances such as military duty. To submit a proxy application, the candidate’s proxy will contact the Human Resources Division, Career Development and Performance Management Section, at 312-745-5318 before the close of the application period.
  • C.Members who have applied for the position of Police Legal Officer II must be willing and able to perform the duties as outlined in Item II of this directive.
  • D.Members who have applied for the position of Police Legal Officer II, and who meet the eligibility criteria as delineated in Item III of this directive, will be scheduled for an oral interview. These candidates will be notified, via Department email, of the date, time, and location to report for the oral interview at a later date. Members who fail to appear for their assigned oral interview date, time and location will be disqualified and will not be rescheduled.
V.Selection Process
  • A.Members who have applied for the position of Police Legal Officer II and who meet the eligibility criteria as delineated in Item III of this directive will be scheduled for an oral interview.
  • B. The selection process includes an oral interview and a Writing Sample Evaluation. Eligible candidates will be notified, via Department email, of the date, time and location to report for the oral interview. Members who fail to appear for their assigned interview date, time, and location will be disqualified and will not be rescheduled.
  • C.The oral interview will be conducted by a minimum of three individuals who have knowledge of the duties performed by a Police Legal Officer II.
    Each panel member will be trained on City interview and consensus meeting procedures prior to conducting any interviews and/or participating in any consensus meetings.
  • D.Interview questions will be drawn from predefined job-specific questions related to the job of a Police Legal Officer II and will include an evaluation of writing samples by the interviewers during the oral interview.
  • E.Each panel member will independently determine whether the candidate demonstrates competency of each dimension of the job addressed in the interview by checking whether the candidate clearly demonstrates competency, demonstrates some aspects of competency, or does not demonstrate competency. Each panel member will independently provide an overall summary of the candidate based on the interview criteria and then will independently indicate whether he or she recommends the candidate for hire; recommends the candidate with some reservations; or does not recommend the candidate for hire. After all candidates have been interviewed, the panel and the hiring manager will meet to conduct a consensus meeting. A representative from the Human Resources Division will attend the consensus meeting. At the consensus meeting, the panel members will discuss each candidate and reach a consensus on whether the candidate will be eligible for hire. Those candidates eligible for hire will be ranked and all selections will be made based on the rankings of those selected for hire.
  • F.Members will not be compensated for overtime when scheduled to report for any portion of the selection process during off-duty hours. The station supervisor/designated unit supervisor will excuse a member who has been scheduled for an interview during duty hours, provided that station supervisor/designated unit supervisor was notified by the member at least forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled interview.
VI.Eligibility List
  • A.At the conclusion of the consensus meeting, the names of the 10 top-rated candidates will be placed in rank order on the eligibility list. Ties will be resolved by seniority.
  • B.As vacancies occur, candidates will be selected from the eligibility list to participate in a 90 work-day training and evaluation program.
    If the evaluation period is interrupted for any reason, it will be suspended until the member resumes duties related to evaluation.
  • C.Management reserves the right to fill 20% of recognized vacancies at its discretion without regard to seniority or rank score, provided that the position is filled by a candidate on the eligibility list.
  • D.The eligibility list may be stricken at any time at the discretion of the Department. Placement on the eligibility list is not a guarantee of appointment to the position of Police Legal Officer II.
VII.Training Program
  • A.As vacancies occur, candidates selected from the eligibility list will provide one (1) letter of recommendation from a supervisor whom the candidate has worked for in the last three (3) years. The reference must complete a standard letter of recommendation prior to the member being eligible to attend training. An unfavorable reference may be the basis for disqualification from further consideration for the position.
  • B.Selection to participate in the training and evaluation program will constitute a detail to the Office of Legal Affairs or the Bureau of Internal Affairs for the duration of training only. Upon successful completion of the training and evaluation program, the member will return to their unit of assignment. The member will be assigned to the Office of Legal Affairs as a Police Legal Officer II only after receiving approval from the Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the Office of Budget and Management (OBM).
  • C.Candidates selected for the training will:
    • 1.take and pass a drug screening and a thorough medical examination, the scope of which will be determined by the Medical Services Section, immediately prior to the start of training. All medical examinations conducted as part of this selection process will be performed by medical personnel paid for and contracted by the Chicago Police Department.
    • detailed to the Office of Legal Affairs for the duration of training only.
    • 3.adjust their furlough period(s) if a segment conflicts with the training program or operational needs.
    • 4.successfully complete all training components and requirements.
  • D.At any time during the training program, if it becomes apparent to the commanding officer, a unit supervisor, or instructor that a member exhibits problematic behavioral traits and/or is physically or psychologically incapable of performing required duties, or fails training program testing, the supervisor or instructor will request the member be terminated from the training program. The request must document the reason(s) for termination from training and will be submitted through their chain of command to the appropriate exempt commanding officer. Reasons for termination include, but are not limited to, the member's inability to perform the duties as enumerated in Item II of this directive.
  • E.The exempt commanding officer will review and, if appropriate, approve any requests to remove a candidate from training. When a member is terminated from the training program, they will be returned to their district or unit of assignment.
  • F.Only those members who have successfully completed the training and evaluation program will be eligible for assignment as a Police Legal Officer II.
VIII.Additional Conditions
At any time during assignment to the Office of Legal Affairs as a Police Legal Officer II, if a member demonstrates a lack of knowledge, skills, or abilities necessary for the job, is unable to perform the essential duties of the position, or exhibits any behavior that conflicts with the goals or mission of the unit, the member will be subject to removal from assignment as a Police Legal Officer II and will be returned to their career service rank of Sergeant.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
14-039 RDR