Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D14-05
2014-2015 Chicago City Vehicle Sticker
Issue Date:23 May 2014Effective Date:23 May 2014
Index Category:Department Notice
This notice informs Department members of the changes in the Chicago City Vehicle Sticker 2014-2015. The changes include:
  • A.year-round sales.
  • (short term) Chicago City Vehicle Stickers.
  • C.extended (up to 24 months) Chicago City Vehicle Stickers.
Chicago City Vehicle Stickers are now available for year-round sales and the stickers will expire on a month and year.
  • A.The month and year of expiration are displayed prominently on the left side of the sticker (month) and the right side of the sticker (year) respectively.
  • B.There are now potentially three different valid expiration years, 2014-2016, which can be displayed.
  • A.Any time from 12 May 2014, when Chicago City Vehicle Sticker sales began, to the end of sales on 15 July 2014, either the 2013-2014, or the new 2014-2016 vehicle stickers are valid.
  • B.As in the past, there is a 15 day grace period after expiration, so enforcement for Chicago City Vehicle Stickers expiring on 01 July 2014, does not begin until 16 July 2014.
IV.Anti-Fraud Features
  • A.The license plate, vehicle make, vehicle model, and the last 6 digits of the VIN are all on the center of the vehicle sticker.
  • B.These identifiers are only security measures. Motorists cannot receive a ticket for non-matching identifiers.
V.Chicago Residential Parking Daily Permit
  • A.Chicago City Vehicle Stickers are printed with the annual residential parking permit zone numbers for residents who have purchased zone parking.
  • B.The guest vehicles of a residence with zone parking are required to display the Chicago Residential Parking Daily Permit when in zone parking in the enforcement hours.
    • 1.The Daily Permit is only valid for a 24 hour time period.
    • 2.The Daily Permit must include the date, start time, and zone number.
    • 3.The Daily Permit is significantly smaller than prior years, and expires on 31 December 2015.
  • C.Pickup trucks and vans are required to display the Residential Pickup Truck or Van Permit when parking overnight on city streets.
  • D.Taxicabs are required to display the Residential Taxicab Permit when parking overnight on city streets.
  • A.The 2014-2015 Chicago City Vehicle Sticker
  • B.The 2014-2015 Chicago Residential Daily Parking Permit
  • C.The Residential Pickup Truck or Van Permit
  • D.The Residential Taxi Permit
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
14-066 CMW