Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-09
Building Address Database Dashboard
Issue Date:31 December 2015Effective Date:01 January 2016
Rescinds:30 September 2014 version
Index Category:Information Management
This directive:
  • A. continues the use of the Building Address Database (BAD) dashboard, accessible from the CPD Intranet under Building Address Database / Instructions.
  • B.updates certain terms relative to the Investigatory Stop System.
The Building Address Database (BAD) dashboard is a comprehensive address-based database correlating numerous crime risk factors. The database contains the entire inventory of buildings in the City of Chicago, currently totalling 845,475, and is available for use by all Department members. Information Services Division (ISD) will maintain the database and will provide training in conducting searches and in adding information (including comments) to the database to any Department member who requests it.
  • A.The searchable data available in the Building Address Database will include:
    • 1.arrests
    • 2.locations with an active criminal warrant or investigative alert at that address
    • 3.911 calls for service
    • 4.311 calls for service
    • 5.administrative Notices of Violation (ANOV)
    • 6.investigatory stop reports
    • 7.locations with a comment entered by police or the Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
    • 8.locations that are "flagged" by a crime prediction model
    • 9.foreclosures
    • 10.owner contact information
    • license information
    • 12.permit applications
    • 13.building violations
    • 14.locations with active cease and desist orders
    • 15.licensed locations only (or all buildings, licensed or unlicensed)
    • heat complaints
    • 17.porch complaints
    • 18.abandoned building complaints.
  • B.Searching the Building Address Database
    Locations can be searched by:
    • 1.specific addresses
    • 2.address range (block range)
    • 3.beat
    • 4.district
    • 5.ward
    • Area
  • C.Access to the Building Address Database by other City Departments;
    Authorized City of Chicago employees from various City departments such as Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) and the Law Department will be granted access to appropriate components of the Building Address Database to allow collaboration and coordination of intervention activities between appropriate City departments.
    Comments can be flagged for "police viewing only". If not flagged, authorized users at other City departments will also be able to view the comments. Police can view all comments from any City department.
Information Services Division (ISD) will:
  • A.administer the Building Address Database; and
  • B.schedule and conduct the Building Address Database software training for Department members.
    Training is available but is not required to access and use the Building Address Database.
Authenticated by: KC
John J. Escalante
Interim Superintendent of Police
15-185 CAW