Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-04-01
Academic Selection Board
Issue Date:19 August 2019Effective Date:19 August 2019
Rescinds:23 February 2018 Version
Index Category:Career Development
  • A.This directive continues:
    • 1.the Academic Selection Board.
    • 2.the applicant evaluation and selection procedures for the participation of members in select management educational programs.
    • 3.the Letter of Recommendation (CPD-62.138).
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard in Chapter 33.
It is the policy of the Department to consider eligible sworn members for attendance at select management educational programs.
III.Academic Selection Board
  • A.The Academic Selection Board consists of the following members:
    • 1.First Deputy Superintendent
    • 2.Chief, Bureau of Patrol
    • 3.Chief, Bureau of Detectives
    • 4.Chief, Bureau of Organized Crime
    • 5.Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development
    • 6.Chief, Bureau of Technical Services
    • 7.Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs.
  • B.The First Deputy Superintendent will serve as chairperson of the Academic Selection Board and set forth the selection procedure for the participation of members in select management educational programs.
  • C.The Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development, will serve as vice-chairperson of the Academic Selection Board.
  • D.The Director, Human Resources Division, will serve as secretary to the Academic Selection Board as a non-voting member.
  • E.Academic Selection Board meetings will be conducted only with a quorum of the membership present. The presence of the following members constitute a quorum:
    • 1.The First Deputy Superintendent, as chairperson of the Academic Selection Board, or the Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development, as vice-chairperson of the Academic Selection Board; and
    • 2.two other voting members of the Academic Selection Board.
  • F.It is the responsibility of the Academic Selection Board to:
    • 1.announce the availability of openings for select management educational programs.
    • the applications and make recommendations to the Superintendent of Police.
  • G.The Superintendent of Police will make the final determination for all selections.
  • H.Records of all Academic Selection Board applications will be retained in accordance with existing record-retention schedule.
  • I.Procedures delineated in the Department directive "Travel, Department-Funded Training, and Reimbursement Guidelines" will be followed whenever expenses associated with registration fees, transportation, lodging cost, etc., are incurred by the Department.
IV.Select Management Educational Programs
  • A.Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP)
  • B.FBI National Academy
  • C.Northwestern University Center for Public Safety (NUCPS), School of Police Staff and Command
  • D.Similar programs funded by the Department.
V.Application Process
  • A.Department supervisors who wish to attend select management educational programs will complete and scan the following documents into .pdf form and will email the .pdf documents to the Human Resources Division at The name of the program the member is applying to will be listed in the Subject Line of the email.
    • 1.Personal Action Request (PAR) formset (CPD-11.612);
      Applicants will complete the top section of the PAR, will not check any of the boxes in the "Type of Action" section, will complete the "Remarks Section" stating that he or she is applying for a specific educational program, and will include his or her telephone numbers (home and cellular). The Unit CO must sign the PAR form.
    • 2.A resume;
    • 3.A completed Letter of Recommendation (CPD-62.138) from an exempt member;
    • 4.A To-From-Subject Report addressed to the First Deputy Superintendent stating the applicant's interest in attending a specific program and affirming that the applicant has not attended one of the programs listed in Section IV of this directive.
  • B.It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that his or her educational degrees or certifications are on file with the Human Resources Division by the close of the application period.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police