Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-26-15
Pedicab Ordinance Enforcement
Issue Date:24 October 2014Effective Date:24 October 2014
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
Effective 07 June 2014, the City Council passed a Pedicab Ordinance regulating the licensing and operation of pedicabs under Chapter MCC 9-110 of the Municipal Code of Chicago. This ordinance requires any person engaged in the operation of a pedicab taxi enterprise and any person employed as a pedicab chauffeur to comply with Chapter MCC 9-110 provisions. This directive enumerates the Chicago Police Department's responsibility in the Pedicab Ordinance enforcement.
  • A.The following attachments show the Pedicab Chauffeur's License and the mandated items that must be carried in a pedicab, along with a listing of the applicable sections of the Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC).
  • B.The Pedicab Ordinance creates two new licenses: the pedicab vehicle license and the pedicab chauffeur license.
  • C.Each pedicab must be in possession of a pedicab vehicle license plate. At initial licensing, BACP issues a pedicab license plate. The license plate should be affixed to the back of the passenger carriage in a conspicuous and visible manner. This number should match the number on the license decal and license hard card.
  • D.The BACP license decal should be affixed on the back of the pedicab above the license plate. This decal contains the dates of the license term. Decals are issued at the start of each new license term and the decal color scheme changes every license term.
    City licensed pedicabs DO NOT need a MPEA/GTT (airport and ground transportation tax) emblems.
  • E.All pedicab operators must be in possession of a pedicab chauffeur license containing their photograph. This license must be clearly visible to the public while the pedicab is in operation.
  • F.BACP issues laminated "hard cards" as pedicab license certificates to currently licensed pedicabs on an annual basis. License "hard cards" must be in the pedicab or in possession of the pedicab chauffeur during operation.
  • G.Documentation that the pedicab has current insurance coverage must be in the pedicab during operation. Certificate of Insurance must list the pedicab serial or "VIN" number. The reverse side of the license certificate "hard card", which contains proof of insurance, may serve as required documentation.
  • H.Pedicab fares must be posted in an clearly legible manner, and the passengers must be informed of and agree to the rate prior to the start of the ride.
  • I.No pedicab shall be operated Monday through Friday, except on holidays as defined in Section 9-48-045, between 0700hrs and 0900hrs and between 1600hrs and 1800hrs in the area bounded in the north and west by the Chicago River, on the east by Lake Michigan, and on the south by Congress Parkway.
  • J.No pedicab shall be operated on Michigan Avenue or State Street from Congress Parkway to Oak Street.
  • K.A Pedicab must be no more than 55 inches wide and 120 inches long. It must have headlights, taillights, brakes, audible signal, rim reflectors and seatbelts.
  • L.Pedicabs may not operate in any manner which impedes or blocks the normal and reasonable movement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • M.Pedicab may not operate on sidewalks.
  • N.Pedicab passengers must remain seated.
  • O.Pedicabs must have safety belts. However, passengers are not required to wear them.
  • P.Drinking alcohol while operating or being transported by pedicab is prohibited.
  • A.Every person operating a pedicab shall have the same rights and be subject to the same traffic rules and laws as bicyclists. Members may issue a Personal Service Citation for traffic violations and may enforce the following safety, licensing and operational restrictions for pedicabs:
    • 1.Safety:
      Department members are authorized to issue an ANOV citation form in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Department directive entitled "Municipal Administrative Hearings" to enforce the safety-related sections of Chapter 9-110, including and all traffic laws, ordinances, rules and regulations as they apply to pedicab licensees and chauffeurs. See items II-A of this directive for attachments showing the Pedicab Chauffeur's License, the mandated items that a pedicab must carry, and a list of the applicable sections of the Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC).
    • 2.Licensing violations:
      Members will issue an ANOV citation form to a licensed chauffeur of a licensed pedicab taxi service for any licensing violation. See items II-A of this directive for attachments showing the Pedicab Chauffeur's License, the mandated items that a pedicab must carry, and a list of the applicable sections of the Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC).
    • 3.Restrictions on operation of pedicabs:
      Department members are authorized to issue a Person Service Citation or an ANOV to enforce Chapter 9-48-045, restrictions on operations of pedicabs, as defined in Sections II-I and II-J of this directive.
    • 4.Impoundments:
      While the Pedicab Ordinance does allow for impoundment, Department members will NOT impound pedicabs until the time that pedicab Rules and Regulations are completed by the City of Chicago BACP, (Business Affairs and Consumer Protection - Public Vehicle Operations).
      Pedicabs will NOT be impounded at this time.
Authenticated by: JKH
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
14-141 SB