Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S01-08
Unit Commanding Officer Transition
Issue Date:23 September 2015Effective Date:23 September 2015
Index Category:Department Organization
This Directive:
  • A.introduces the requirement for departing unit commanding officers (both exempt and non-exempt) to conduct a multi-day orientation for the incoming unit commanding officers.
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapter 11.
The orientation will take place within ten days of the announcement of the appointment of a commanding officer. This in-person orientation will consist of three half day sessions to ensure a proper transition between commanding officers. The objective of the orientation is to ensure the incoming unit commanding officer has been fully briefed by the outgoing unit commanding officer regarding the new duty assignment.
  • A.The transition orientation topics should include, but are not limited to:
    • 1.a review of the purpose and mission of the unit.
    • 2.a review of expectations placed on the unit by the Department and the public.
    • 3.a review of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the specific directives pertaining to the unit.
    • 4.the identification of political and community leaders and all related ongoing community concerns.
    • 5.the exchange of essential operational contact information (i.e., cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses).
    • 6.the introduction to pivotal staff members and subordinate personnel.
    • 7.a review of key unit personnel which may include the use of the performance evaluation system.
    • 8.a review of the primary administrative responsibilities of the unit.
    • 9.a review of all pending assignments including disciplinary investigations, performance evaluation approvals, and performance recognition awards.
    • 10.a walkthrough of the facility and equipment operation.
    • overview of current or pending projects.
    • overview of gang conflicts and gang maps.
    • 13.a review of crime statistics and CompStat expectations.
    • 14.a review of existing crime patterns and community disorder issues within the unit's operational boundaries.
    • introduction to any unit-specific technology and programs.
    • 16.a review of budget related issues.
    • 17.a review of unit training requirements and needs.
    • 18.a discussion of best practices and useful tools available to a commanding officer.
    • 19.A review of CALEA tasks and proofs.
  • B.During the change of command, a complete physical unit inventory will be conducted according to the Department directive Department Equipment and Property Control System.
  • C.Incoming commanding officers will meet with the unit's CALEA liaison to ensure all proofs are up to date.
During the course of the transition period, CPD form CPD-11.920 will be completed and signed by the incoming and outgoing commanding officers at the conclusion of the transition. This form will be retained at the unit of transition for the duration of two consecutive command changes.
Authenticated by: KC
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
15-134 RCL