Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U01-11
Office Supply - Ordering
Issue Date:20 November 2015Effective Date:20 November 2015
Rescinds:Department Notice D13-03
Index Category:Department Equipment
This directive:
  • A.continues the office supply ordering procedures outlined in the Finance Division training.
  • B.continues the Department's office supply vendor contract with Office Depot.
  • C.continues a permanent ordering matrix for all units within the Department.
  • D.continues the use of the Material Requisition (CPD-34.622) for emergency supply orders and CPD form ordering only.
  • A.Unit commanding officers will schedule designated members for training when notified by the Finance Division.
  • B.Training in the use of the Office Depot/City of Chicago website for supply ordering will be conducted by Finance Division personnel and representatives from Office Depot.
  • C.Only members who receive proper training are authorized to use the Office Depot/City of Chicago website for placement of orders.
  • A.The Office Depot Training Manual provides step-by-step procedures for online account information, ordering, account changes and invoice processing.
  • B.The Initiators or Approver Change form will be used to make "initiator". "approver" and shipping address changes to the member's account.
  • C.To access these resources via the Department's CLEAR intranet, members will:
    • "Bureau Sites,"
    • "Finance Division" under Bureau of Support Services, and
    • "Procurement."
Designated unit personnel will order office supplies using the below listed schedule.
1st Week of each month2nd Week of each month3rd Week of each month4th Week of each month
Patrol Districts 001-004Patrol Districts 005-010Patrol Districts 011-17Patrol Districts 018-025
Units within the Office of the SuperintendentUnits within the Bureau of Detectives Units within the Bureau of Support Services 
Units within the Office of the First Deputy SuperintendentUnits within the Bureau of Organized CrimeAll Bureau of Patrol Units Outside of District Law Enforcement 
All supply orders will be placed on one order, with the exceptions of paper and toner. Both paper and toner will be placed on their own individual separate orders. In addition, all orders must have a minimum cost of $50.00.
  • A.Each unit has designated through the Finance Division, at least one member as an initiator, the first person in the work flow for requesting the purchase of supplies.
  • B.A designated approver, usually the unit's commanding officer, is responsible for viewing the designated initiator's request and approving or rejecting the requisition.
  • C.  General Support Division personnel will then review and approve the requested supply items for all orders.
  • D.Finance Division personnel will authorize the purchase of all orders.
  • A.All supply orders are delivered with an order detail sheet.
  • B.Finance Division will email each unit a FMPS (Financial Management and Purchasing Systems) receiving report.
  • C.Reviewing members will compare the FMPS receiving report with the items received.
  • D.To receipt the order , Members will log into the "CHIPPS/FMPS LOG IN" via the Departments CLEAR system by:
    • 1.selecting "Bureau Sites" then,
    • "Finance Division" under Bureau of Support Services,
    • 3.locate the "CHIPPS/LOG IN" on the Finance Division home page,
    • "57-PO Receiver" on the Oracle Navigator page. (057 is the Department of the Police).
    • "Receipts" under Receiving,
    • 6.enter the Contract number in the "Purchase Order" field. This number can be found on the FMPS receiving report. Each vendor will have its own Contract number,
    • 7.enter the "Release" number in its respective field. This number can be found on the FMPS receiving report,
    • "Find" at the bottom of the page to view items ordered. Each type and quantity of item will be listed,
    • the line where each received item appears on the list. Once all received items are selected, select "Save" in the tool bar,
    • "Header" at the bottom right of the page and make note of the Receipt number that will appear in the "Receipt" field at the bottom left of page,
  • E.print the receipt number at the top of the order detail sheet and the receiving report,
  • F.scan and email both documents to Finance Division, Procurement Section.
  • G.close the application when finished.
Any Office Depot returns will be forwarded to the General Support Division (Unit 161) the day after received. Members will notify the  General Support Division for further instruction.
All emergency supply requests will require supervisory approval. In addition, the designated member will:
  • A.complete the Material Requisition form (CPD-34.622), then
  • B.scan, and email the document to the General Support Division for processing.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
15-160 SDR
General Support Division
General Support Division