Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-13-04
Reporting Procedures for Unfounded Vehicle Thefts
Issue Date:12 December 2002Effective Date:01 January 2003
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive is intended to:
  • A.emphasize the importance of thoroughly investigating all vehicle theft cases.
  • B.ensure that follow-up investigators thoroughly investigate all actual vehicle thefts.
  • C.ensure that, following a thorough investigation, all unfounded vehicle theft cases are properly classified as such.
  • A.Preliminary Investigator
    Whenever assigned to a vehicle theft investigation, the preliminary investigating officer will:
    • 1.verify that the facts of the incident support reporting the vehicle in question as stolen.
    • 2.prepare the proper case report and record:
      • a.any statements from the victim and/or witnesses.
      • b.all specific evidence or factors supporting the determination that the vehicle was stolen.
    • 3.when the facts indicate that the theft is unfounded, use the proper alpha-numeric code. If a Records Division Number has already been obtained, indicate in the narrative of the proper case report that the theft is unfounded.
  • B.District Review Officers
    District review officers will:
    • 1.forward all Recovered Vehicle Supplementary Reports (CPD-11.409) to the district in which the theft occurred.
    • all Recovered Vehicle Supplementary Reports and compare the information with the original report.
    • 3.identify all cases where the facts indicate that the case should be unfounded.
    • 4.whenever the facts and/or circumstances of the original incident and subsequent vehicle recovery support the unfounding of the case, complete a Supplementary Report (CPD-11.411-A) identifying all the evidence and/or factors supporting the unfounded case status recommendation.
    • 5.submit all Supplementary Reports prepared consistent with Item II-B-4 of this directive to the district commander for review and approval.
    • 6.upon approval of the district commander, forward all Supplementary Reports prepared consistent with Item II-B-4, and copies of the corresponding original case reports and Recovered Vehicle Supplementary Reports to the case management officer of the appropriate area Detective Division.
  • C.Case Management Officer
    For all Supplementary Reports approved consistent with Item-B-6, the case management officer will:
    • 1.ensure that any necessary additional investigation is completed.
    • 2.verify that the facts and circumstances of the case support the unfounded case status recommendation.
    • 3.only when supported by the evidence or circumstances of the incident, ensure that the case status is recorded as unfounded following existing procedures.
    • 4.verify that the vehicle is clear in the hot desk.
  • D.The Alternate Response Section (ARS)
    ARS personnel will:
    • 1.consistent with the Department directive entitled "Communications Systems and Devices," process Recovered Vehicle Supplementary Reports for vehicles recovered at an auto pound with no other offenses.
      Prior to completion of the report, the ARS call-taker will request that auto pound personnel examine the vehicle for evidence of theft or stripping.
    • 2.include the date, time, and the name of the auto pound employee contacted in the narrative section of the report.
    • 3.ensure that an extra copy of the Recovered Vehicle Supplementary Report is forwarded to the affected district.
  • E.Auto Pound Section
    Auto Pound Section personnel will examine recovered vehicles for evidence of theft or stripping when requested to do so by Alternate Response Section personnel.
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
02-096 MTN(PMD)