Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S07-04
Recovery of Altered, Lost or Stolen Credit Cards / Debit Cards
Issue Date:01 March 1991Effective Date:02 March 1991
Index Category:Processing Property
This directive provides procedures for handling recovered altered, lost or stolen credit / debit cards.
When an altered, lost or stolen credit / debit card has been recovered, the recovering member will:
  • A.complete the appropriate case report and inventory the card in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Inventory System for Property Taken into Custody" and include the following information in narrative section of the case report:
    • 1.the name of the issuing company.
    • 2.the name of the credit / debt card holder.
    • 3.the account number embossed on the card.
    • the card came to the attention of the Department.
    • an arrest situation - charge(s) and court information.
  • B.notify the appropriate Detective Division unit as required in the Department directive entitled "Preliminary Investigations," when there is reasonable belief that a crime has been committed and an arrest has been made. A Detective Division supervisor will evaluate the case and determine if an immediate follow-up investigation is necessary. This notification will be recorded on the case report submitted by the reporting officer.
  • C.when appropriate notify the Secret Service as required in the Department directive entitled "United States Secret Service."
  • D.when possible, notify the issuing company or banking institution. In an arrest situation, the booking process will not be delayed while awaiting information from the card issuing company.
LeRoy Martin
Superintendent of Police
88-045 WBC/SAM(mer)