Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-07-02
Crashes – Fatalities or Life Threatening Injury
Issue Date:02 January 1998Effective Date:11 January 1998
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive outlines the follow-up responsibilities of members when investigating traffic crashes with fatalities or life threatening injury. Department members will refer to the General Order titled "Crashes - Fatalities or Life Threatening Injury" for the policy and immediate responsibilities.
II.Follow-Up Responsibilities
  • A.Follow-up MAIU investigators who respond to on-scene crash investigations will:
    • the member in conducting the preliminary investigation by assisting in processing the crash scene.
    • 2.complete a Supplementary Report, when necessary, making the required notifications.
    • 3.forward the appropriate report to the Records Processing Section for inclusion in the numerical files.
  • B.The preliminary investigator will be responsible for notifying the relative or guardian of a traffic fatality victim. The name, address, phone number and relationship of the person notified will be included in the narrative portion of the Illinois Traffic Crash Report.
  • C.In the event the preliminary investigator cannot make such notification, information relative to the victim will be related to a MAIU supervisor who will ensure the notification is made. The preliminary investigator shall include the name, rank and star number of the MAIU supervisor contacted in the narrative portion of the Illinois Traffic Crash Report.
John J. Townsend
Acting Superintendent of Police
97-038 GHY(AJB)