Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-07-07
Traffic Crash Photograph / Repair Estimates
Issue Date:02 January 1998Effective Date:11 January 1998
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive:
  • A.outlines responsibilities for taking and processing traffic crash photographs.
  • B.identifies the procedure for an individual to obtain copies of photographs or repair estimates of Department vehicles involved in traffic crashes.
II.Responsibilities and Procedures
  • A.Photographs of traffic crash scenes will be taken by members of the Major Accident Investigation Unit (MAIU) if the crash involves:
    • 1.a fatality; or
    • 2.serious personal injury which may result in death.
  • B.If neither of the two conditions above apply, then an evidence technician will be assigned to crash scenes where it is determined by a supervisor that photographs are necessary.
  • C.The Crime Scene Processing Report (CPD-21.949), the Evidence Identification Envelope (CPD-33.700) and the Crime Lab Negative Envelope (CPD-33.701) will be utilized by evidence technicians and MAIU personnel when submitting reports to the Records Division and film to the Crime Laboratory Division.
III.Traffic Crash Photographs / Repair Estimates of Department Vehicles
  • A.Photographs of Department vehicles involved in traffic crashes not resulting in serious personal injuries or fatalities will be taken and maintained by the Accident / Salvage Unit of the Department of Fleet Management.
  • B.The Accident / Salvage Unit will provide photographs and/or repair cost estimates to:
    • 1.attorneys representing parties involved in litigation with the City of Chicago. The requesting party must submit a subpoena or discovery order to the Office of Legal Affairs who will forward it to the Accident / Salvage Unit.
    • 2.the City of Chicago, Corporation Counsel's Office following receipt of a written request from the Office of Legal Affairs.
    • 3.Department supervisors for official Department use (e.g. training purposes, disciplinary investigations, etc.). A request will be made by To-From-Subject report through the proper command channels.
John J. Townsend
Acting Superintendent of Police
97-038 GHY(AJB)