Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G01-07
Superintendent's Bridging Document
Issue Date:13 June 2016Effective Date:13 June 2016
Index Category:Department Organization
This directive:
  • A.addresses the policy and procedures for the Department when there is a change of command for the position of Superintendent.
  • B.continues the Department's commitment to the principles of the accreditation process and compliance with applicable standards.
  • C.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standards.
II.General Information
This directive will serve as a reminder that all Department directives enacted by the previous Superintendent will remain in effect until such time they are revised or rescinded under the authority of the current Superintendent.
  • A.Department members who become aware of a need for a substantial revision in a Department directive will forward a To-From-Subject Report through the chain of command to the Director, Research and Development Division.
  • B.All Department members are reminded of their responsibility to be knowledgeable of all current directives.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-041 CAW