Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D16-03
Institute for Non-Violence Chicago
Issue Date:24 June 2016Effective Date:27 June 2016
Index Category:Department Notice
This directive informs members of the:
  • A.Institute for Non-Violence Chicago organization.
  • B.collaboration of the Department and the Institute of Non-Violence Chicago.
II.Institute for Non-Violence Chicago
The Institute for Non-Violence Chicago is funded by the Chicago Department of Public Health and the Department of Family and Support Services. The Institute for Non-Violence Chicago's mission is to replace the cycle of violence using the principles, practices, and teachings of non-violence. The institute stops violence by deploying outreach workers—saturating the community and mediating conflicts, while engaging individuals active in street violence and guiding them to case management for ongoing services. The intention is to reduce homicides and shootings and to transform relationships between law enforcement and affected communities they serve.
The Institute for Non-Violence Chicago is a separate and distinct organization from Chicago Survivors who are part of the Crisis Response and Recovery Program.
The Institute for Non-Violence Chicago services are offered in the 015th District with a focus from Chicago Avenue to Jackson Boulevard and from Central Avenue to Cicero Avenue and will be operational 27 June 2016.
  • A.Training will be scheduled by the unit commanding officer where the program is operational.
  • B.The Institute for Non-Violence Chicago will train Department members on the overall understanding on how outreach, law enforcement, and victim services work together to reduce violence in the community.
  • A.The Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC) will act as the official liaison between the Institute for Non-Violence Chicago and the Department. CPIC will notify the Institute for Non-Violence Chicago when there is:
    • 1.a homicide; or
    • aggravated battery with a firearm.
  • B.The Institute for Non-Violence Chicago's outreach team will respond to the scene or location deemed appropriate by CPIC within the hour to conduct their services for the individuals involved in the incident.
    The outreach team is outfitted with a lime green shirt as a uniform and an identification card issued by the Institute for Non-Violence Chicago.
  • C.A Department member who becomes aware that an Institute for Non-Violence Chicago employee has been arrested will notify the:
    • 1.unit commanding officer where the program is operational and
    • 2.Inspector General.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T16-023 CMF