Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D17-03
Gunops Pilot Program
Issue Date:05 July 2017Effective Date:05 July 2017
Index Category:Department Notice
This directive introduces the GunOps Pilot Program.
II.General Information
GunOps technology:
  • a web-based interactive investigative tool that allows police investigators and analysts to access information regarding firearm-related crimes and forensics test results.
  • a firearm-crime mapping tool used by police to help map firearm crime, identify trends and evidence, and search for offenders. The web-based functionality allows for collaboration between law enforcement personnel. GunOps provides:
    • 1.comprehensive and relevant data collection;
    • 2.cross-jurisdictional information sharing;
    • 3.visualization of crime patterns and "hotspots";
    • 4.connections between crimes, guns, and suspects; and
    • 5.improved lead generation to advance investigations.
  • C.allows investigators to establish links between crimes with similar time periods, locations, and case characteristics.
III.Units with GunOps Technology
GunOps will be utilized in the Bureau of Detectives, Bureau of Organized Crime, Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC)/Deployment Operations Center (DOC), and the Bureau of Patrol Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC).
  • A.The pilot program manager will be a Department member assigned to Information Services Division (ISD) designated by the Director, ISD. The pilot program manager will liaison with the vendor, and maintain any training and protocols designated for the program.
  • B.Department members authorized to access GunOps technology will:
Department members will not use any GunOps software on any personal electronic devices.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
17-056 RCL/KT