Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S12-09
Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting Network (LEARN)
Issue Date:14 June 2018Effective Date:14 June 2018
Rescinds:D13-12 Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting Network (LEARN) - PILOT
Index Category:Outside Organizations
This directive:
  • A.continues the procedures for the use of the Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting Network (LEARN); and
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standards chapter 41.
II.General Information
  • A.Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting Network (LEARN) is a computer program that compiles data from Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR).
    For further information about the Automated License Plate Reader, see the Department directive titled "Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Systems."
  • B.An ALPR may be fixed, portable, or vehicle-mounted.
  • C.ALPRs create Plate Reads by capturing an image of a vehicle's license plate, transforming that image into alphanumeric characters, comparing the license plate number to one or more databases, and alerting if the license plate is on a prepared hot list.
  • D.Department members will adhere to the procedures of the Department directive titled "Access to Computerized Data, Dissemination, and Retention of Computer Data."
III.Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting Network (LEARN)
  • A.The LEARN system:
    • 1.provides Department members with access to compiled Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Plate Reads .
    • 2.provides designated Department members with the ability to query license plate reader data, create reports, and use analytic tools, such as mapping capabilities, and compare license plate reader data with other data sets to enhance law enforcement investigations.
    • 3.will only be accessible pursuant to a legitimate law enforcement purpose and when a Records Division Number or reference number is provided.
  • B.CPIC will ensure that the LEARN system will be available to Department members upon request.
  • A.The Commander, Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC), will:
    • 1.establish and adhere to protocols that ensure that LEARN is only used for legitimate law enforcement purposes;
    • 2.ensure users will comply with the CPIC privacy policy;
    • 3.designate Department members to function as LEARN operators;
    • 4.ensure designated members are scheduled for training;
    • 5.ensure that all LEARN query requests and results are documented;
    • 6.ensure that disciplinary investigations are initiated upon any misuse of LEARN; and
    • 7.ensure the program is in compliance with all record-retention requirements related to electronic data and imaging systems.
  • B.Authorized LEARN operators will:
    • 1.attend and complete the Department LEARN training program prior to operating the system;
    • 2.utilize the LEARN system following the procedures identified in the LEARN training program, as well as this directive and any other Department directives and Department Rules and Regulations;
    • 3.assist members seeking a printable copy of an ALPR alert for court purposes;
    • 4.assist members seeking to search Plate Reads for law enforcement purposes;
    • 5.assist members seeking to add license plates to a Hot List if the additions are for a law enforcement purpose; and
    • 6.create and maintain logs of requests.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-186 MJC
1. -
The associated image and data of a license that is scanned by an ALPR camera.
2. -
A database of license plates of interest that is transmitted to an ALPR-equipped vehicle, fixed, or portable system.