Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S12-10
Chicago Police Foundation
Issue Date:31 August 2018Effective Date:31 August 2018
Index Category:Outside Organizations
This directive:
  • A.introduces the Chicago Police Foundation.
  • B.establishes procedures for Department members to submit funding proposals to the Chicago Police Foundation.
  • C.establishes the Chicago Police Foundation Committee.
II.General Information
  • A.The Chicago Police Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization established through the interest and support of the Chicago business community.
  • B.The mission of the foundation is to:
    • 1.provide supplemental resources to the Department that will help keep pace with the latest equipment and emerging technologies in policing;
    • 2.provide education, training, and skill development for Department members; and
    • 3.strengthen the partnership between the Department and the community through community outreach and youth programs.
  • C.The Director, Office of Strategy, will:
    • 1.serve as Department liaison to the Chicago Police Foundation;
    • 2.consult with the Office of the Superintendent, the Office of Legal Affairs, the Grants Section, and the Research and Development Division concerning the funding objectives of the Department;
    • 3.consult with the foundation leadership, the foundation Board of Directors, and other staff regarding the funding objectives and priorities for the foundation;
    • 4.advise Department members concerning funding proposals; and
    • 5.upon approval of the Superintendent, forward appropriate Department-initiated funding requests to the Chicago Police Foundation Board of Directors.
      Under no circumstances will unauthorized Department members directly contact the Chicago Police Foundation concerning a funding proposal.

  • A.Exempt members who wish to submit a funding proposal to the Chicago Police Foundation will complete and forward a To-From-Subject Report through the chain of command to the Director, Office of Strategy. The report must include the following:
    • 1.Needs statement outlining the specific Department need the proposal will address;
    • 2.Objectives statement describing the expected outcomes or results of the project;
    • 3.Methods statement explaining how the Department will accomplish the stated objectives through the grant;
    • 4.Evaluation statement indicating how progress and success for the project will be measured;
    • 5.Budget statement providing a realistic estimate of all costs involved in implementing and executing the proposed project; and
    • 6.Any other relevant information the requesting member believes will assist the foundation in making an informed decision about the proposal.
    Non-exempt members who wish to submit a proposal will complete and forward a To-From-Subject Report through their chain of command to their exempt commanding officer.
  • B.The Director, Office of Strategy, will:
    • 1.receive, vet, and upon approval of the Superintendent, forward appropriate funding requests to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Chicago Police Foundation.
    • meetings and assist requestors when meeting with the foundation to outline their proposals.
    • 3.inform all requestors in writing:
      • a.whether or not their proposals were forwarded to the foundation for consideration.
        • (1)If the proposal was not forwarded to the foundation, the reason(s) this action was taken.
        • (2)if the proposal was forwarded to the foundation, the date it was forwarded.
      • b.the final decision of the board.
    • 4.keep a record of all funding requests made by Department members and the results of each request.
    • 5.collaborate with the foundation to audit to ensure that each item requested is received by the Department.
    • 6.provide the Superintendent with a full summary each year of the requests of, and awards made, by the foundation.
IV.Chicago Police Foundation Committee
  • A.The Chicago Police Foundation Committee will consist of the following members or their designees:
    • 1.Director, Office of Strategy, who will serve as chairperson of the committee;
    • 2.Chief, Bureau of Patrol;
    • 3.Chief, Bureau of Technical Services;
    • 4.General Counsel to the Superintendent;
    • 5.Deputy Chief, Office of Community Policing;
    • 6.Director, Research and Development Division; and
    • 7.Director, Grants Section.
  • B.The committee will:
    • on a quarterly basis.
    • 2.ensure the program is operating efficiently and in compliance with Department policy.
    • 3.evaluate the effectiveness of funding-request procedures.
    • and evaluate funding requests.
  • C.Committee meetings will be convened quarterly at the direction of the chairperson.
  • D.Committee affairs will be conducted only when a quorum of the membership is present. A quorum will consist of at least four committee members, one of whom must be the chairperson.
  • E.The chairperson will advise the Superintendent of the results of the committee meetings.
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
18-074 DK / MJC