Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D18-06
Mobile Electronic Ticketing System (METS) Pilot Program Phase II
Issue Date:12 October 2018Effective Date:12 October 2018
Index Category:Department Notice
This directive:
  • A.continues the Mobile Electronic Ticketing System (METS) Pilot Program.
  • B.transitions the web application testing environments from METSWeb to METSWeb v2.
  • C.activates the mobile electronic "smart" devices to connect with the Department of Law and the Department of Administrative Hearings for citation processing in a test mode.
II.General Information
  • A.The Troubled Buildings Unit is moving away from paper-based citations for ordinance violations. Mobile electronic devices will be used by Troubled Building Unit field personnel so they can not only identify the MCC violation but also capture descriptive electronic images of the subject property violations.
  • B.Members of the Troubled Buildings Unit operating the METS during field duties will submit information on the application, including incident type, violation list, photographs, location coordinates, building addresses, and notes pertinent to the investigation. Paper reporting citation procedures for ordinance violations will continue throughout the duration of the pilot program.
  • C.Paper reports regarding the violations will eventually be discontinued; the required violation information and images documenting the same will be electronically forwarded to the Department of Law and the Department of Administrative Hearings for processing.
  • D. The Mobile Electronic Ticketing System is also being tested with other City agencies such as the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT).
The following equipment will be used for the METS Pilot Program:
  • A.Mobile electronic "smart" device,
  • B.METSMobile application, and
  • C.METSWeb and METSWeb v2 web application.
  • A.Only members of the Troubled Buildings Unit will operate Mobile Electronic Ticketing System (METS) devices.
  • B.Designated Troubled Building Unit personnel operating the METS devices in test mode will:
    • 1.submit information including the incident type, violation list, violation photographs, location coordinates, building addresses, and notes pertinent to the investigation, electronically to the Department of Law for processing.
    • and conduct consecutive-day verifications of violations and court re-inspections using the METS devices 24–48 hours prior to the hearing date to verify violations.
    • cognizant of privacy concerns while taking violation photographs (e.g., empty prescription medication bottles in the garbage, evidence of hoarding).
    • 4.only cite troubled-building-related violations on the METS devices.
  • A.Mobile Electronic Ticketing System development, integration, and testing will be conducted by the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT).
  • B.The Chicago Police Department's pilot program manager will be a Department member assigned to the Troubled Buildings Unit designated by the commanding officer. The pilot program manager will:
    • the liaison with other City agencies,
    • 2.ensure the devices are being properly operated and maintained, and
    • 3.conduct any required training for operations of the METS devices and associated applications.
  • C.While operating in test mode during Phase II of the METS pilot program:
    • 1.the Department of Law will process the citations and perform all background research associated with the generated citations, such as verifying the address of violation(s), identifying ownership of the cited property, and reviewing violation(s) evidence. The Department of Law will forward all completed citations to the Department of Administrative Hearings.
    • 2.the Department of Administrative Hearings will review received citations and notify property owners of the hearing date for the cited violation(s).
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
18-035 RCL