Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-12
Data Integrity Group
Issue Date:20 November 2018Effective Date:20 November 2018
Index Category:Information Management
This directive:
  • A.introduces the Chicago Police Department Data Integrity Group;
  • B.outlines the duties of the Data Integrity Group; and
  • C.lists membership in the Data Integrity Group.
Data integrity combines the disciplines of data quality, data management, data policy management, and data methodology that ensures important data assets are formally managed throughout the Department. A comprehensive data integrity plan will enable the CPD, over time, to set central rules to maintain data quality and to obtain synchronized, cleansed, consistent, accurate, enriched, and high-quality data, delivering both immediate and long-term key consistency and accuracy benefits. Improved data integrity will provide consistently accurate data to researchers and the public, enable collaboration and information sharing between the Department and other agencies, support the use of analytics to strengthen intelligence-led and preventive policing, and enable officers to access critical information remotely.
Membership in the Data Integrity Group will consist of the following (or his or her designee):
  • A.Chief, Bureau of Technical Services, who will serve as Chairperson;
  • B.Chief, Bureau of Patrol;
  • C.Chief, Bureau of Detectives;
  • D.Chief, Bureau of Organized Crime;
  • E.Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development;
  • F.Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs;
  • G.The General Counsel, Office of the Superintendent;
  • H.Deputy Chief, Office of Community Policing;
  • I. Commander, Youth Investigations Division;
  • J.Chief Communications Officer, Office of Communications;
  • K.Director, Research and Development Division, who will serve as Vice-Chairperson;
  • L.Director, Information Services Division, who will serve as Secretary;
  • M.Director of Strategy, Office of the Superintendent.
The Data Integrity Group will:
  • A.create a process for ensuring that key crime and performance indicators are measured and reported in a consistent manner, thereby increasing public confidence in the accuracy of the information provided by the Department.
  • B.develop an agreed upon set of measurable guidelines when producing data reports.
  • C.make data and statistics available to the public in an intelligent, proactive, and technologically adept manner.
  • D.proactively make public data accessible, thereby reducing the labor-intensive production of ad hoc and individual reports produced in response to specific requests, especially in cases of FOIA requests.
  • the findings of the group to the First Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent.
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
SB 18-100