Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-01-17
Turtleneck - Standard, Mock, and Dickey
Issue Date:26 August 2019Effective Date:26 August 2019
Rescinds:U19.2400, U19.2401
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    • 1.Turtlenecks will be close-fitting pullover style with set-in shoulders and attached collar and cuffs. Features of design may be uniform jersey hem or the rear body panel may extend in a uniform length tail, not to exceed 2 ½ inches.
    • 2.Turtlenecks will be embroidered on the front center of collar with the initials “CPD” using white thread for police officers and gold thread for the rank of sergeant and above.
    • 1.Body: 100% cotton or cotton Lycra blends not to exceed 90%/10% cotton/Lycra.
    • 2.Collar and Cuffs: Must contain a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 10% Lycra in the knit composition.
    • 3.Interlining (Optional): 100% polyester stretch fusible.
  • C.COLOR:
    Dark navy blue
    • 1.Collar, Standard Turtleneck/Dickey: two plies of the specified stretch fabric for the collar. The collar may optionally be interlined with one ply of fusible stretch interlining.
    • 2.Collar, Mock Turtleneck Dickey: one ply of the specified fabric for the body, sleeves, collar, and cuffs.
    • 3.Crossing Guard and other Civilian Personnel: Embroidered on the front center of the collar will be the City of Chicago Seal. To the left of the Seal will be the words “City Of” and to the right of the Seal will be the word “Chicago.” The Seal will be embroidered in the appropriate colors and the lettering for the City of Chicago will be white in color.
    • 4.Weight: Linear density may range from 5 2/5 ounces to 7 ounces per square yard for body construction materials. When combined with collar and cuff construction linear density may range from 6 ounces to 10 ½ ounces per square yard.
    • 5.Colorfastness and Crocking: Dye methods will be appropriate so as to ensure color retention and minimal crocking. Machine washable.
    • 6.Stitching: All mock turtleneck/mock turtleneck dickey seams will be stitched using an overlock machine. The seam attaching the turtleneck to the body and the bottom hem will be overstitched using a two-needle coverstitch. All seams will be straight and clean with thread ends trimmed.
    • 7.Thread: 100% polyester size #70.
      • a.Color: Will match specified fabric.
    • 8.Reinforcement: The shoulders and underarm will be reinforced with tape or elastic cord to prevent these seams from coming apart under stress. The tape will run the entire length of the shoulder seam and be caught in the collar attaching seam and the sleeve setting seam.
    • 9.Embroidery:
      • a.Font: Full Athletic Block 2
      • b.Size: 3/4 inch
      • c.Placement: Front center of collar
      • d.Thread:
        • (1)White: Madiera 1002 equivalent to Pantone 9060C.
        • (2)Gold: Madiera 1069 equivalent to Pantone 116C.
    • 10.Size Range: Unisex sizing expressed as men’s sizes, available as follows: S (36-38), M (40-42), L (44-46), XL (48-50), XXL (52-54), XXXL (56-58) to fit men and women.
    The mock turtleneck/mock turtleneck dickey will be permanently labeled with both the manufacturers name and the garment size. The label will be placed in an area so that it will not be seen when the mock turtleneck/mock turtleneck dickey is worn. This label will bear the manufacturers name and "Chicago Police Department (or "CPD") Approved." The label will include the date of manufacture. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a garment is an approved Chicago Police Department prescribed garment without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the Director, Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR