Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-01-34
Issue Date:26 August 2019Effective Date:26 August 2019
Rescinds:U23.0809, U23.0809a
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    The whistle will be plastic and capable of providing a loud, shrill whistle when blown. It will be cylindrical in shape and will not have a ball-like device in the sound chamber or be aerosol powered (with the exception of use of such devices by the Marine Unit). There will be an integral eyelet on the end of the whistle opposite the mouthpiece allowing for the attachment of a chain. It will not be carried via the use of lanyards and aiguillette-type whistle attachments. The whistle may be carried concealed.
    Impact-resistant plastic
  • C.COLOR:
    • 1.Shape: Cylindrical in overall design.
    • 2.Chain: The whistle chain will be silver colored metal with a maximum overall length of 4 inches. The chain will have a flat, curved or soldered links and close by means of a link-closure device.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR