Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-02-13
Issue Date:29 August 2019Effective Date:29 August 2019
Rescinds:U9161.212, U9161.212a
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    The sweater will be a lightweight commando style V-neck rib knit sweater with fleece backing. It will feature a straight body with set-in sleeves, epaulets, stretch binding at the cuffs and waistband, patch shoulders and elbows. Sweater may be lined with wind stopping material.
  • B.COLOR:
    Dark navy blue
    • 1.Shell:
      • a.57% polyester, 28% long staple worsted wool 15% low pill acrylic. 2x1 rib knit on the front and 100% polyester fleece on the back.
      • b.70% low-pill acrylic, 30% long staple spun wool.
    • 2.Trim: Stretch nylon
    • 3.Shoulder/elbow patches: 100% nylon ripstop
    • 4.Colorfast: Machine washable
    • 1.V-Neck Collar: Will be constructed with base knit fabric folded to 1 ¼ inches width, stitched to front and back of sweater. Seam will be pressed flat and topstitched ¼ inch from edge.
    • 2.Sleeves: Will have a standard single-seam shoulder, back and front of sweater.
    • 3.Windproof Breathable Lining: The sweater may be lined completely through the body and sleeves with a windproof breathable laminate fabric. The liner will be designed to have added ease across the front and back shoulders on the body and around the armhole on the sleeves and will be attached so as to allow for full freedom of movement when worn over a uniform shirt. The liner will be assembled using a single needle lock stitch, single needle stitched to the knit sweater, and clean finished around the neck opening, the cuffs, and the bottom.
    • 4.Shoulder Epaulets: Will have three points, will be smooth, flat, and uniform in placement. Epaulets will be constructed of two plies of patch fabric and one ply of fusible inner facing. The epaulet will be 6 inches long at shoulder seam and taper to 2 inches to 2 ¼ inches wide at pointed end. The epaulet will be topstitched ¼ inch at shoulder seam. Entire pointed end will be top stitched 1/16 inch through shoulder patch and entire thickness of shoulder seam.
    • 5.Stitching: All seams will be overlocked with yarn and thread that match the color of the base yarn. All seams will be folded flat and top stitched.
    • 6.Shoulder Patch: Will be centered and attached to the shoulder sleeve seam. 8 ½ to 9 3/4 inches long and 5 ½ to 6 ½ inches wide of patch fabric will be folded under 1/8 inch and top stitched 1/16 inch from edge. The shoulder patch will form a yoke in front and back of shoulder.
    • 7.Elbow Patches: Will be rectangular in design 11 inches long and 4 to 4 ½ inches wide at bottom and 4 ¾ inches wide of patch fabric will be completely folded under 1/8 inch and topstitched 1/16 inch from edge.
    • 8.Trim: The wrist cuff and waistband will be trimmed with ¼ inch stretch binding sewn over entire edge for a clean finished appearance.
    • 9.Star Patch: There will be a star patch on left breast made of 2-ply patch fabric measuring 3 inches wide by 4 inches high, and top stitched 1/16 inch to the sweater. There will be two black aluminum type eyelets size No.00 set 1 3/8 inches and centered vertically on the patch.
    • 10.Nameplate Patch: There will be a nameplate patch on the right breast made of 2- ply patch fabric measuring 1 ½ inches high by 3 ½ inches wide and topstitched 1/16 inch to sweater. There will be two black aluminum-type eyelets size No.00 set 1 5/8 inches apart and centered horizontally on the patch.
    • 11.City of Chicago Flag Patch: Wool/felt, sewn on right shoulder, centered 1 ¼ inches below outer shoulder seam.
    • 12.CPD Patch: Wool/felt, sewn on left shoulder, ¾ inch below outer shoulder seam.
    • 13.Sizes: Sweaters will be constructed in men and women sizes.
      XS(32 - 34)
      S(36 - 38)
      M(40 - 42)
      L(44 - 46)
      XL(48 - 50)
      XXL(52 - 54)
      XXXL(56 - 58)
    All garments will be permanently labeled with the manufacturer country of origin, size, fiber content, and care instructions. The label will state that the garment is approved for use by Chicago Police Department members. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a garment is an approved Chicago Police Department garment without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the Director, Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
II.SWEATER - Optional Zippered
    The optional zippered sweater will have a zipper front and horizontal welt pockets with snap closures on the lower front.
    • 1.Zipper: The front zipper will be a YKK zipper. The zipper will be professionally tailored to allow the zipper teeth to be visible. Male/female versions of zippers can be used.
    • 2.Pockets: There will be two horizontal single welt pockets ¾ inch by 6 ¼ inches on the lower front of the sweater. The pocket will be construction from patch fabric. The pocketing will be attached to the waistband of the sweater to stabilize and prevent movement. The pocket snaps will be 5/16 inch metallic non-rust-type snap closures centered on the back side of the welt and the front of pocket lining.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR