Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U04-01-07
Police Department Chaplains Unit
Issue Date:26 July 1989Effective Date:26 July 1989
Index Category:Uniform and Personal Equipment
This notice informs Department members of the uniform equipment and identification of the Chaplains Unit members.
II.Uniform / Equipment and Identification
  • A.All Department chaplains possess a Chicago Police Department identification card with their photograph and a gold star inscribed Chicago Police Chaplain.
  • B.Chaplains who are sworn members are authorized to wear the appropriate seasonal field or dress uniform configuration of an inspector, however, the following shall apply:
    • 1.The Chicago Police Chaplain star will be worn on the uniform in lieu of the inspector star.
    • 2.A silver color metallic cross is to be worn on both lapels of the uniforms wool blouse and overcoat. The crosses will be worn near the collar points on all other outer garments, including the summer short sleeve shirt.
    • 3.Holstered firearms, ammunition case (with six prescribed revolver cartridges) and equipment items are to be concealed at all times. Uniformed sworn Department chaplains are exempted from carrying the following prescribed items:
      • a.Equipment belt
      • b.Baton and holder
      • a.Radio (portable) transceiver attachment
      • b.Whistle
      Approved service revolvers may have a barrel length of 2 to 4 inches.
LeRoy Martin
Superintendent of Police
89-043 UESU(mmd)