Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S02-03-11
Officer Friendly Program
Issue Date:25 August 2016Effective Date:25 August 2016
Index Category:Human Rights and Community Partnerships
This directive:
  • A.identifies the Officer Friendly Program.
  • B.establishes Department policy concerning:
    • 1.the Officer Friendly Program;
    • 2.procedures for the selection of personnel to become Officer Friendly Program instructors;
    • requirements for Officer Friendly Program instructors;
    • 4.program curriculum; and
    • 5.administration requirements.
The Department is currently presenting the Officer Friendly Program curriculum to kindergarten through third grade students. The forty to fifty minute session will be taught only by uniformed police officers trained to present the Officer Friendly curriculum. This program is coordinated by the School Visitation Unit, Special Activities Section, with the goal of promoting safe communities and building a collaborative and trusting partnership between the Department and all members of the community. By introducing kindergarten through third grade students to a personable uniformed Chicago police officer, the program aims to both enhance students' safety and to foster an ongoing relationship of trust between police officers and children who will soon be young adults.
The long-term goals of the Officer Friendly Program are to:
  • A.enhance student safety by providing instruction in general safety. The students will:
    • 1.learn how to identify a police officer, a firefighter, and a paramedic;
    • 2.learn how to call 911 and ask for help;
    • 3.learn the purpose of traffic signs and signals;
    • 4.learn to identify safe places to play;
    • 5.learn to identify dangerous places to play;
    • 6.learn what a stranger is;
    • 7.learn what to do if a stranger approaches them;
    • 8.learn what to do if a stranger grabs them;
    • 9.practice stranger-danger scenarios;
    • 10.identify trusted adults such as teachers, police officers, etc.;
    • 11.identify dangerous objects, liquids, and substances; and
    • 12.learn internet safety tips.
  • B.develop the student's ability to think "safety first".
  • C.make available officers who can act as mentors and provide mentoring for students as needed.
  • D.develop a positive relationship between members of the Chicago Police Department and young members of the community.
A twenty-one page bilingual Spanish-English coloring book will be given to each child attending an Officer Friendly Program presentation. The drawings and scenarios in the coloring book reinforce the safety concepts presented to the students by the officer and can be used by the teacher to reinforce those concepts.
V.Selection and Training Procedures
  • A.The Officer Friendly Program instructor training consists of a two-hour block of instruction overseen and presented by the Special Activities Section. The training program is scheduled by the Commanding Officer, Special Activities Section.
  • B.Members interested in becoming an Officer Friendly Program instructor will:
    • the School Visitation Unit, Special Activities Section, to receive an application.
    • 2.forward the completed application, including signed approval by their unit commanding officer, to the School Visitation Unit, Special Activities Section.
  • C.When training becomes available, the School Visitation Unit will notify district commanders of the training opportunity and will advise them of any members of their district who have applications on file. District commanders will then select members from their district to participate in the Officer Friendly Program training.
    Consideration should be given to members who will be available to teach the program during working hours, are comfortable and willing to teach school-aged youth, and will be a positive role model for the youth they instruct.
  • D. Applicants will be selected consistent with Appendix D of the City of Chicago Police Department Hiring Plan for Sworn Titles.
VI.Schedule Preparation
  • A.The Officer Friendly Program is taught during the summer, spring, and fall semesters. The selection of schools within the district will be at the discretion of the district commander.
  • B.Officer Friendly Program instructors will use the Officer Friendly Teaching Schedule (CPD-51.104). Completed schedules will be:
    • 1.reviewed by the instructor's immediate supervisor, who will indicate approval by signing the schedule in the space provided (top-right portion of the form).
    • 2.forwarded to the School Visitation Unit.
  • C.Once the School Visitation Unit receives the completed schedule, materials will be prepared and the instructor will be directed to pick up the teaching aids, books, and related materials from the School Visitation Unit at Chicago Public Safety Headquarters.
VII.Teaching Days and Days Off
The district commander will determine which days the curriculum will be taught and the instructor’s day-off group. Any overtime earned related to the program must be approved by a supervisor (e.g., meetings with the Local School Council, the Parent-Teacher Association, or any other meeting held during non-duty hours). The watch assignment of an Officer Friendly Program instructor will be consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge No. 7, and the City of Chicago.
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-054 SB