Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G03-02-07
Force Review Unit
Issue Date:10 May 2018Effective Date:10 May 2018
Rescinds:16 October 2017 Version
Index Category:Field Operations
This directive:
  • A.continues the:
    • 1.use of force review process at the district level; and
    • 2.Force Review Unit (FRU) and delineates its responsibilities.
  • B. satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standards Chapter 1.
II.District Level Review
  • A.Consistent with the Department directive titled "Incidents Requiring the Completion of a Tactical Response Report," the supervisor assigned to approve a Tactical Response Report (TRR) in the district of occurrence will:
    • 1.continue to conduct investigations into reported use of force incidents; and
    • and approve TRRs for all reported use of force incidents, regardless of any required after-action review.
  • B.The FRU may conduct audits and review any TRR approved at the district level, including the following use of force incidents:
    • 1.the use of escort holds, pressure compliance techniques, and firm grips that result in an injury or an allegation of injury;
    • 2.the use of control holds, wristlocks, and armbars used in conjunction with handcuffing and searching techniques that result in an injury or an allegation of injury; and
    • 3.the use of force necessary to overcome passive resistance due to physical disability or intoxication that results in an injury or an allegation of injury.
III.Force Review Unit
The Force Review Unit:
  • commanded by a captain or above that reports directly to the Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development.
  • B.functions in an after-action-review capacity for the following incidents involving the use of force that results in the completion of a Tactical Response Report (TRR):
    • 1.Any firearm discharge incident to destroy/deter an animal that does not result in injury to any person.
    • 2.Any use of force incident that results in severe injury to a Department member, subject, or bystander, including but not limited to:
      • a.laceration requiring sutures;
      • b.broken/fractured bones; and
      • c. other injuries that require a hospital admission as determined by a medical professional (unrelated to mental health or drug dependency).
    • 3.Use of force incidents that involve the use of:
      • a.stunning techniques;
      • mechanical actions or techniques;
      • c.impact weapons;
      • d.OC spray or other chemical weapons;
      • e.a Taser;
      • f.impact munitions;
      • g.canines as a force option; and
      • h.Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD).
    • 4.Other incidents as determined by the Superintendent.
IV.Force Review Unit Responsibilities and Procedures
  • A.The Force Review Unit will:
    • incidents consistent with Item III-B of this directive, and:
      • a.ensure both police officers and supervisors complied with proper reporting procedures.
      • b.evaluate whether or not each reviewed incident was tactically sound.
      • c.if an obvious policy violation requiring discipline is observed, and a Log Number has not been obtained at the district level, the Commanding Officer, Force Review Unit, will ensure procedures are followed consistent with the Department directive titled "Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures."
      • d.with the exception of cases in which a Log Number was obtained as a matter of policy for a weapon discharge incident for the destruction/deterrence of an animal, a Taser discharge, or an OC/chemical weapon discharge, the FRU will not review use of force incidents for the purposes of making a determination about the specific conduct related to a Log Number.
    • 2.if applicable, recommend additional training or policy review for the involved members;
    • 3.if applicable, identify specific modifications to existing policy, procedures, training, tactics, or equipment that could result in minimizing the:
      • a.occurrences of use of force incidents; and
      • b.inherent risks involved in use of force incidents.
    • 4.identify and address emerging concerns or trends relative to use of force incidents.
  • B.The Commanding Officer, Force Review Unit, will:
    • 1.forward any recommended actions for involved members to the member's unit commanding officer and/or the Education and Training Division;
    • 2.forward any recommended Department-wide actions (e.g., training and policy recommendations) to the appropriate unit responsible for the implementation;
    • the status of the recommended actions to ensure the timely implementation by the appropriate units;
      Recommended actions to be taken at the district level will be implemented within fourteen days unless the affected member is on furlough or medical. Recommended actions to be taken by the Education and Training Division will be implemented within thirty days.
    • 4.forward a report on a monthly basis to the appropriate bureau chief listing any overdue recommended actions by personnel under their command; and
    • 5.ensure all reports are maintained consistent with existing records-retention requirements.
  • C.Unit commanding officers receiving an individual or Department-wide recommendation from the FRU will ensure:
    • 1.the recommendation is appropriately implemented consistent with existing procedures and the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.
    • 2.the FRU is notified of the status of the recommendation, including when it was implemented.
  • D.On a quarterly basis, the Commanding Officer, Force Review Unit, will submit a written report to the Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development, of the units findings, analysis, recommended actions, and the status of implementations.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
18-019 JAB