Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order  G04-01-01
Alternate Response Section Case Reporting Policy
Issue Date:09 May 2014Effective Date:09 May 2014
Rescinds:10 April 2013 Version
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive:
  • A.establishes policy and guidelines for generating case reports for select crimes and noncriminal incidents.
  • B.expands the categories of crimes and noncriminal incidents which are processed by the Alternate Response Section (ARS). For specific ARS procedures refer to directive S04-01-01, entitled "Alternate Response Section Procedures."
  • C.promotes a dispatch policy that emphasizes the protection of life, public safety, and property.
It is the policy of the Department to:
  • A.provide an immediate response to all in-progress offenses and calls for service involving an imminent threat to life, serious bodily injury, and major property damage/loss.
  • B.always refer the following incidents to ARS:
    • 1.damage to property (noncriminal); and
    • 2.lost property (except a firearm).
  • C.never refer the following incidents to ARS:
    • 1.lost firearm,
    • 2.theft of a firearm,
    • 3.turn-in of a firearm.
  • D.refer incidents that meet the following criteria to ARS:
    • 1.the offender is not on the scene and is not expected to return immediately; AND
    • 2.the victim does not need medical attention; AND
    • is one of the following incidents:
      • a.theft, (except a firearm)
      • b.residential garage burglary,
      • c.criminal damage to property,
      • d.threatening telephone calls without any imminent danger,
      • e.simple assault (non-domestic-related),
      • f.bogus checks,
      • g.vehicle theft,
      • h.recovered vehicles located at City of Chicago auto pounds (with no other offense involved),
        When the ARS receives a telephone inquiry regarding the recovery of a vehicle by a community member (with no other offense involved), a police officer will be dispatched to the scene consistent with the Department directive entitled "Preliminary Investigations."
      • i.lewd/obscene phone calls,
      • j.animal bite reports, and
      • k.other incidents or offenses that meet the criteria outlined in Sections II-D-1 and II-D-2 of this directive and offer the community member a more convenient method of reporting.
        A simple battery that took place hours previous to the victim calling 911, there is no offender on the scene and the victim does not need medical care.
  • E.not dispatch field units to calls that meet the criteria in items II-B and II-D of this directive.
III.General Information
  • A.The ARS has been designed to maximize the ability of the Department to;
    • 1.readily respond to serious criminal acts and emergency situations; and
    • 2.focus on crime and disorder problems on the beat level.
  • B.Nonemergency calls for service received by OEMC that meet the criteria outlined in items II-B and II-D of this directive will be investigated by members of the ARS rather than by a dispatched police officer.
  • C.A Chicago Police Department field supervisor may determine that a particular call for service should be referred to ARS if it meets the criteria outlined in items II-B and II-D of this directive.
  • D.Under no circumstances will a Department member refer a community member to the ARS if that community member walks into a district station for police service.
  • E.The ARS processes community-member requests for nonemergency police services received via:
    • dial through the "311" nonemergency City service request telephone number,
    • transfer of nonemergency calls received by "911" call takers,
    • case reporting,
    • 4.voice mail/call-back,
    • 5.district call forwarding,
    • 6.police nonemergency telephone device for the deaf (TDD),
    • 7.police nonemergency FAX system, and
    • 8.forwarding from outside the City limits those calls from the following telephone numbers:
      • a.general information regarding City events and City Service Requests,
      • b.nonemergency police situations.
  • F.When the Department receives a written request from a community member that requires the completion of a police report, the request will be forwarded to the Commanding Officer, ARS, for assignment to a member performing call-back duties for completion of the appropriate case report.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were added or revised)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
14-059 SB/JKH