Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S12-08
Crisis Response and Recovery Program
Issue Date:24 September 2015Effective Date:24 September 2015
Index Category:Outside Organizations
This directive informs members of the:
  • A.Crisis Response and Recovery Program.
  • B.collaboration of the Department and Chicago Survivors.
II.Chicago Survivors
The Chicago Department of Public Health's Crisis Response and Recovery Program has partnered with Chicago's Citizens for Change (CCC) to carry out their services. CCC is an organization created to reduce youth violence through programs and partnerships that strengthen communities and promote restorative peace-making by supporting families and youth who have experienced loss due to violence. Chicago Survivors, a program of CCC, is a citywide network that reduces violence through compassionate response to families and youth who have experienced loss due to violence. This collaboration is created to have an immediate response with murder-victim family members in order to provide services and assist them through the aftermath of loss due to violence.
The Chicago Survivors trained crisis team will be notified and respond to all murder incidents to meet with and give support to the victim's family.
  • A.The Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC) will act as the official liaison between the Chicago Survivors and the Department.
  • B. CPIC will, within a reasonable period of time consistent with the scope of this program, contact the  Chicago Survivors Hotline and relay:
    • 1. the location of the homicide; and
    • 2.the number of victims.
Authenticated by: KC
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
15-176 CMF
Chicago Survivors Hotline