Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D15-05
National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) Investigative Follow-up - Pilot Program
Issue Date:07 July 2016Effective Date:10 July 2016
Rescinds:29 June 2015 version
Index Category:Department Notice
This notice informs members that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is committing resources to conduct follow-up investigations involving UUW offenses and crimes wherein individuals are arrested with a firearm in Districts 004, 010, and 011.
II.General Information
  • A.The Department, through its Forensic Services Division, already participates in the ATF - NIBIN program along with other law enforcement agencies in the region.
  • B.By analyzing recovered firearm shell casings, the resources of NIBIN can link seemingly unrelated crimes to one another both in and outside of the City of Chicago.
  • C.In incidents where recovered firearm shell casings are positively matched to another recovered shell casing crime, a written notification linking the two incidents is forwarded to the appropriate Departmental investigative unit for follow-up.
III.Procedures To Be Followed in District 004
  • A.Officers who make an adult arrest involving the recovery of a firearm and/or firearm related evidence will notify the Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC) at PAX 0100 immediately.
    Officers will not notify CPIC when making a juvenile arrest involving the recovery of a firearm and or firearm related evidence.
  • B.CPIC will notify the ATF Crime Gun Intelligence Center (GCIC) and the Chicago Anti-Gun Enforcement (CAGE) unit.
  • C.District Station Supervisors (DSS), if notified by ATF that agents are responding to the incident:
    • 1.may delay releasing the subject arrestee on bond but will do so in a manner consistent with Department directive titled "Processing Persons Under Department Control",
    • 2.will authorize the interview of the arrestee by ATF agents when so requested.
  • D.Detectives will work cooperatively with ATF agents.
IV.Procedures To Be Followed in Districts 010 and 011
  • A.This phase of the pilot program will be focused in Districts 010 and 011 from 2000 to 0700 hours. Candidates for this program will be adults arrested for UUW, when the primary charge is UUW and who have at least one felony conviction.
    When the primary charge is another felony (eg. Homicide, Aggravated Battery, Burglary, Robbery, etc.) and the secondary charge is UUW, the appropriate Area Detective will handle.
  • B.When an adult offender is in custody for a UUW charge, arresting officers will:
    • 1.notify the Area North Bureau of Detectives.
    • 2.hand carry the firearm to the Firearms Laboratory 24-Hour Intake at Homan Square.
    • 3.inventory the firearm per existing Department policy at Forensic Services Division, Homan Square.
  • C.The Area North Bureau of Detectives Midnight Sergeant will ensure:
    • 1.that the Criminal Background Rap Sheet of the arrestee is reviewed.
    • 2.hold papers are placed on the arrestee and forwarded to the appropriate DSS.
    • 3.the NIBIN Sergeant is notified via email that there is an arrestee in custody.
  • D.The NIBIN Sergeant will, if the criteria is met, notify the Forensic Services Division to process the recovered firearm.
    If the firearm is linked to shell casings from previous crimes, the results should be known within a few hours.
  • E.NIBIN Detectives will:
    • assigned to the follow-up investigation on the 2nd watch.
    • all related cases listed on the Ballistic Information Alert (BIA) report.
    • 3.interview the arrestee regarding the firearm as well as the related cases identified in the BIA. The targeted investigation will be conducted after informing the arrestee that because of their background they may be facing federal charges, and the consequences that accompany felony convictions.
    • cooperatively with ATF agents.
  • F.The enhanced NIBIN investigation will take place before the offender's 48 hours have expired. In the event of the follow-up investigation leading to the requirement for a Duty Judge hearing, the NIBIN Detectives will handle.
  • G.In the event that an offender can provide pertinent information to other unsolved crimes, the NIBIN Detectives will either handle that case or coordinate with the Area Detectives assigned to the case.
  • H.If the facts of the case and the evidence warrant, the NIBIN Detectives will consult with ATF and the US Attorney's Office to determine if Federal gun charges are appropriate. Any individual with at least two prior convictions for violent crime or felony narcotics conviction who is arrested with a firearm in their possession will be considered a candidate.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline have been added or revised.)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-063 RWN