Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G01-04
Boundaries: Beat, Sector, and District
Issue Date:17 December 2012Effective Date:19 December 2012
Rescinds:13 July 2001 Version
Index Category:Department Organization
This directive establishes:
  • A.general policy regarding the boundaries:
    • 1.between beats , sectors , and districts .
    • 2.of districts that border suburbs and/or unincorporated areas of Cook County.
  • exception to the general boundary policy with respect to selected Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train-station platforms within the City of Chicago.
  • A.Beat, district, and area boundaries will conform to the maps approved by the Superintendent of Police. The maps will be distributed by the Reproduction and Graphic Arts Section or Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT) via CLEAR GIS.
  • B.When a street forms a boundary between adjacent beats, sectors, or districts, the actual boundary will be the center of the bounding street. The same rule applies to the center of rivers, expressways, or railroad tracks. However, when traffic control is necessary on a bounding street or other police service is necessary for an incident that occurs on the exact center of any boundary, the unit responsible for the assignment will be determined by extending the boundary point to the south and east curblines of such bounding streets or to the south and east edges of any other boundaries.
  • C.When a district borders an adjacent suburb, the actual district boundary is determined by the legal description of the corporate limits of the City of Chicago as it appears in the Atlas of the City of Chicago, published by the Chicago Department of Transportation, Division of Maps and Plats.
    Inquiries relative to City boundaries can be directed to the  Division of Maps and Plats .
  • D.If the boundary of an unincorporated area of Cook County is contiguous with the City of Chicago, both the City's boundary and the boundary of the affected district extend to the far side of any bounding street or highway (incorporating the entire road surface up to the curb).
III.CTA Policy Exception
When a CTA train-station platform would otherwise be across the boundary between two or more districts, the entire CTA platform will be assigned to a single district consistent with the following section of this directive.
IV.Affected CTA Platforms
The table below lists the CTA train-station platforms that would otherwise cross the boundary between two or more districts and assigns those platforms to a single district.
CTA Platform AddressBounding DistrictsAssigned District
135th Street (Red Line)142 W. 35th Street002, 009009
247th Street (Red Line)220 W. 47th Street002, 009009
363rd Street (Red Line)220 W. 63rd St.003, 007007
469th Street (Red Line)15 W. 69th St.003, 007007
5Cicero (Blue Line - Forest Park Branch)720 S. Cicero Ave.011, 015015
6Division (Blue Line)1200 N. Milwaukee Ave.012, 014014
7Fullerton (Brown, Purple, and Red Lines)943 W. Fullerton Ave.018, 019018
8Garfield (Red Line)220 W. Garfield Blvd.002, 007, 009009
9Kedzie (Green Line)3201 W. Lake St.011, 012011
10Kedzie (Orange Line)4900 S. Kedzie Ave. 008, 009008
11Lawrence (Red Line)1117 W. Lawrence Ave.019, 020019
12Thorndale (Red Line)1118 W. Thorndale Ave.020, 024024
13Western (Pink Line and Blue Line - Cermak Branch)2009 S. Western Ave.010, 012012
14Western (Blue Line - Forest Park Branch)430 S. Western Ave.011, 012011
15Clinton (Green and Pink Line)540 W. Lake St.001, 012001
(Items indicated by italic/double underline were revised)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-147 MWK
Division of Maps and Plats
1. -
A tract of land designated for primary police patrol.
2. -
A specific and contiguous grouping of beats within a designated district.
3. -
A specific and contiguous grouping of sectors within a designated police area.
4. -
A specific and contiguous grouping of districts within the City of Chicago.