Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G02-01-02
Testing for HIV Status, Disclosure of HIV Status, Discrimination Against Individuals Based on HIV Status
Issue Date:20 May 1996Effective Date:21 May 1996
Index Category:Human Rights and Community Partnerships
This directive sets forth Department policy prohibiting:
  • A.the testing of applicants to, or personnel of, the Department for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) status.
  • B.the requiring of individuals to disclose HIV status.
  • C.discrimination against any individuals based on HIV status.
  • A.The Chicago Police Department is committed to observing, upholding and enforcing all laws relating to individual rights.
  • B.Discrimination against individuals on the basis of HIV status is prohibited. Department members will not exhibit any bias or prejudice against an individual because of his/her HIV status, or perceived HIV status.
  • C.Department members will respect the privacy rights of any individual who is HIV positive. Therefore, no member of the Department is required to disclose their HIV status.
  • D.Testing of applicants seeking any position in the Department or involuntary testing of Department members for HIV status is prohibited.
    Pursuant to the agreement reached in the federal action docketed as No. 94 C 4122, this addendum shall not be rescinded before 7 February 2000.
Matt L. Rodriguez
Superintendent of Police
96-006 MER (AJB)