Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S11-03-05
Shooter Development Firearms Training Program
Issue Date:29 February 2012Effective Date:29 February 2012
Rescinds:Version dated 06 January 2010; S10-02
Index Category:Training
This directive introduces the Shooter Development Firearms Training Program.
The Shooter Development Firearms Training Program consists of a 2 hour instructional course for all sworn members and is intended to improve overall marksmanship and basic weapons handling skills. The program is separate and distinct from the Prescribed Weapon Qualification Program and all other firearms training.
  • A.Members may participate in this training program once each year.
    The program is a voluntary training program designed to help Department members refresh and develop BASIC shooting skills.
  • B.Members may attend this training while on or off duty. However, those members who elect to participate in the training while off duty will not be compensated for the training.
  • C.Each training session will normally be 2 hours in length and be offered Tuesday through Friday on all watches, excluding designated Department holidays.
  • D.Training will be held at the Education and Training Academy or Area Ranges.
    Any changes in location will be announced via the Administrative Message Center (AMC).
  • E.Class times for the program will be scheduled via the eLearning system and requires station supervisor/designated unit supervisor approval.
  • F.District / unit commanding officers will make every effort to allow members assigned or detailed to their commands to schedule and attend the program.
    To meet the needs of manpower, district / unit commanding officers will use discretion in approving members for the program.
IV.Program Requirements
  • A.Members will:
    • to the range instructor fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled shooting time at the designated Range.
      Members who arrive late will NOT be allowed to participate.
    • 2.bring one of the following authorized duty firearm:
      • a.a prescribed four-inch revolver.
      • b.a prescribed 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 cal semiautomatic pistol.
      • alternate prescribed 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 cal semiautomatic pistol.
    • 3.carry firearm in Department-authorized strong-side holster.
      Cross-draw, ankle, shoulder, or in-the-pants type holsters will not be allowed.
  • B.Revolver shooters will bring at least six additional rounds of Department-authorized ammunition held in an approved speed-loader or dump-pouch (two speed-loaders or dump-pouches filled to capacity are preferred).
  • C.Semiautomatic shooters will bring at least one additional magazine loaded to capacity with Department-authorized ammunition and held in an approved magazine-pouch (two spare magazines held in approved magazine-pouches are preferred).
  • D.Members will wear soft-body armor during the range portion of this training.
  • E.It is the individual member’s responsibility to resolve any attendance discrepancies by contacting the Range in which the member has scheduled to attend the training.
The Deputy Chief, Education and Training Division, will ensure that appropriate training records are completed for members attending the training program.
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Authenticated by: JKH
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
09-218/12-003 SEP/AMR