Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E01-09
Drugs, Drug Abuse, and Mandatory Physical and/or Psychological Examinations
Issue Date:13 March 2018Effective Date:13 March 2018
Rescinds:08 February 2018 Version
Index Category:Employee Rights and Responsibilities
This directive:
  • A.states Department policy relating to the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of legally prescribed drugs by Department members.
  • B.sets forth conditions in which a mandatory physical and/or psychological examination will be required of a Department member.
  • C.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapters 22, 26, 32 and 35.
  • A.It is imperative that all Department members have the physical stamina and psychological stability to properly perform all required duties.
  • B.The use of illegal drugs, cannabis, or non-prescribed controlled substances or the abuse of legally prescribed drugs or controlled substances by any Department member is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action and/or separation from the Department.
  • C.Mandatory physical and/or psychological examinations will include, but not be limited to, a screening for the presence of any drugs.
  • A.A member required to have a mandatory physical and/or psychological examination will be provided with a written notice of the examination, the name of the requester/complainant, and the reason for the examination. A person will be named as the requester/complainant in each case and will normally be the person requesting the examination (member’s supervisor, unit commanding officer, occupational health physician, Director, Human Resources Division).
  • B.The name of the requester/complainant and the reason for the examination will be entered on the Mandatory Physical and/or Psychological Examination Notice (CPD-62.461) form. The original of the Mandatory Physical and/or Psychological Examination Notice form will be retained in the member’s medical file and a copy will be provided to the member.
IV.Mandatory Physical and/or Psychological Examination
  • A.Mandatory physical and/or psychological examinations will normally be scheduled by the Medical Services Section when in the opinion of the Medical Services Section Administrator or occupational health physician:
    • examination of any member is required to identify the cause of an illness or incapacitation.
    • 2.a pattern of Medical Roll use indicates that the member may not be physically fit to perform required duties.
  • B.A mandatory physical examination, the scope of which will be determined by the Medical Services Section Administrator, will be conducted when a member:
    • 1.has exhibited unusual work habits or behavioral traits and/or was incapable of performing required duties and a unit commanding officer/designated supervisor has furnished written documentation citing specific instances.
    • scheduled to submit to a Department ordered psychological and/or psychiatric examination.
    • appointed to an exempt position, subject to promotion to a career service rank, or is applying for assignment to certain specialized Department units (when notice has been given that a physical examination is required).
    • 4.qualifies for an extra-Departmental training program of more than a week in duration which has been approved by the Academic Selection Board.
    • returning to the Department after an absence of 30 days or more:
      • a.from a leave of absence or suspension.
      • b.pursuant to an order of a court or an order of the Police Board.
      • c.from military leave.
      • be reemployed.
    • 6.or a specific group of members, as determined by years of service or specialized assignment (e.g., Explosives Technician, Bureau of Organized Crime) are scheduled for such examinations.
V.Random Drug Testing Section Standard Operating Procedures
The Director, Human Resources Division, in conjunction with the Commanding Officer, Random Drug Testing Section, will ensure that written Standard Operating Procedures are established for the Random Drug Testing Section, in compliance with collective bargaining agreements.
VI.Specific Responsibilities
  • A.The Medical Services Section Administrator will:
    • 1.identify those members whose use of the Medical Roll or reported medical condition requires a mandatory physical and/or psychological examination and report their status to the Director, Human Resources Division.
    • 2.schedule these members for mandatory physical and/or psychological examinations.
  • B.The member subject to a mandatory physical and/or psychological examination will:
    • on the specified date and time to the location identified by the Medical Services Section and listed on the Mandatory Physical and/or Psychological Examination Notice form.
    • 2.furnish documentation relating to the use of any prescribed drugs, such as prescription bottle with prescription number, prescribing physician’s statement, etc.
    • 3.answer all premedical examination questions relating to the member’s medical history, including the use of any/all prescribed drugs and the name(s) of any prescribing physician(s) by completing the Appraisal of Health History (CPD-62.424) form.
    • 4.cooperate in the completion of all phases of the mandatory physical and/or psychological examination in accordance with the instruction of the examining physician or his or her designee.
  • C.The Director, Human Resources Division, will:
    • 1.order a mandatory physical examination to determine the presence of any medical reason for the member’s performance problems when a member is enrolled in the Behavioral Intervention System or Personnel Concerns Program.
    • 2.when necessary, initiate a preliminary investigation to determine the validity of a member’s statement that he or she is presently taking prescribed drugs as documented on the Appraisal of Health History form.
      • a.If the preliminary investigation reveals that the drugs have been legally prescribed and are being consumed in accordance with prescription directions, a Complaint Register investigation will not be initiated.
      • b.A Complaint Register investigation will be initiated when the tests results indicate improper drug usage by the member or if the member refuses to cooperate with the requirements described in Section VI-B in this directive.
    • 3.when a Complaint Register investigation has been initiated, forward a To-From-Subject report to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability without delay in accordance with the Department directive entitled “Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures.”
  • D.Unit commanding officers/designated supervisors will be responsible for ensuring that members have been properly notified of the date and time of a scheduled mandatory physical and/or psychological examination and that the notification has been properly documented.
((Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised.)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
17-096 KT