Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E08-02
Civic Events - Voluntary Participation
Issue Date:30 January 1989Effective Date:30 January 1989
Index Category:Outside Organization Programs
The purpose of this directive is to provide information and procedures for Department members who volunteer their services to the public for civic events through their affiliation with organizations such as the American Legion drum and Bugle Corps - Chicago Police Post #207, Amvets Police Post #18, Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, Marine Color Guard, etc.
  • A.Requests for the voluntary participation of the above named organizations in civic events will no longer be accepted by the Department. The Commander, Special Events and Liaison Section will refer such requests to the appropriate organization leader.
  • B.The Department discontinues the practice of:
    • 1.excusing members from regular duty or granting compensatory time earned for voluntary participation in civic events during off-duty hours.
    • 2.permitting members to rehearse with their volunteer organizations during on-duty hours.
    • 3.permitting members to earn compensatory time for participating in rehearsal sessions during their off-duty hours.
  • C.Compensatory time may be granted to the organization member to participate in voluntary civic activities consistent with the operational needs of the member’s unit of assignment / detail.
LeRoy Martin
Superintendent of Police
89-019 FMF (FRC)[JB]