Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E06-04-01
Emergency Notification Information Database
Issue Date:25 September 2015Effective Date:25 September 2015
Rescinds:04 August 2004 version
Index Category:Personnel Support
  • A.This directive establishes the Emergency Notification Information Database and the procedures for updating and maintaining the Database.
  • B.Satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapter 22.
II.General Information
  • A.The Emergency Notification Information Database contains the following information for each Department member:
    • 1.Full name,
    • 2.Star number, if applicable,
    • 3.Employee number,
    • 4.Date of birth,
    • 5.Home address,
    • 6.Home telephone number,
    • 7.Primary, secondary, and third emergency-contact information,
    • 8.Number of household family members.
  • B.Emergency - contact information and the number of household family members can be updated by Department members on the Citizens Law Enforcement Analysis Report (CLEAR) System. Whenever a member has an occasion to change their emergency contact information the member will complete this information via the Emergency Notification Information Database.
  • C.The number of household members will be used by the Department to distribute pharmaceuticals to members and their household family members in the event of a bio-terrorist event. The total number includes the Department member as well as all members meeting the definition described in this directive. The Emergency Notification Information Database will initially indicate one as the number of household members unless it is changed by the member.
III.Security Access
  • A.The following personnel, identified by their PC logon ID, will receive security access to view the Emergency Notification Information Database:
    • 1.All members of exempt rank and sworn supervisory personnel.
    • 2.Civilian personnel authorized by exempt personnel.
    • 3.Certain members of the Bureau of Patrol, Human Resources Division, Finance Division, and Special Activities Section.
      Commanding officers of these units will identify the above personnel in a To-From-Subject report and forward it through channels to the Director, Information Services Division (ISD).
  • B.All Department employees will access and update their personal emergency contact information using their PC logon ID.
    On the date of hire, new employees will complete an Emergency Notification Information form and forward the original to the Human Resources Division, who will enter the appropriate information into the Emergency Notification Information Database.
  • A.All Department members will:
    • 1.access the Emergency Notification Information Database, using their PC logon ID, to view their emergency contact information and update the information when necessary.
    • 2.during spring/fall and winter dress uniform inspections, review their personal information on the Emergency Contact Information Database and:
      • a.if all emergency-contact information is correct, check the "No Change" box; or
      • b.if any emergency - contact information needs to be updated, complete the necessary update in the Emergency Notification Information Database and check the "Update Completed" box; or
      • c.check the "REFUSED" box in the Emergency Contact Information Database if a member does not want to have anyone contacted in case of an emergency.
  • B.Unit commanding officers will:
    • 1.identify and forward the names of members under their command who will have security access to the Emergency Notification Information Database to ISD.
    • 2.ensure that each member under their command completes the biannual inspection of their emergency notification information.
    • 3.generate a report listing those members who have not reviewed their emergency notification information within 30 days after inspections.
      District commanders will notify each district station supervisor of the names of those members who are not in compliance with the provisions of this directive.
    • 4.ensure that civilian members under their command complete the review and, if necessary, update of their emergency contact information.
  • C.District station supervisors/designated unit supervisors will ensure that all members under their command:
    • and, if necessary, update their emergency contact information during spring/fall and winter dress inspections.
    • 2.who have failed to review their emergency contact information, do so without unnecessary delay.
  • D.The Human Resources Division will:
    • 1.enter the information into the database as indicated on the Emergency Notification Information form for all new employees.
    • 2.issue lists to each district/unit commanding officer notifying them of those members under their command who are not in compliance with this directive within 45 days after inspections.
  • E.ISD will:
    • 1.ensure that those members identified by their commanding officers are granted security access to view the information in the Emergency Notification Information Database.
    • 2.create all the necessary programs to ensure that each unit is capable of fulfilling all of the requirements of this directive.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were added or revised.)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
14-095 PMD