Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E06-04-03
Notification of Death or Hospitalization of Members: Non-Duty-Related, Retired Members, and Family Members
Issue Date:25 September 2015Effective Date:25 September 2015
Rescinds:04 August 2004 version
Index Category:Personnel Support
  • A.This directive outlines responsibilities of Department members receiving notification of the hospitalization or death of active members (non-duty-related), retired members, family members of active members, and the spouses of retired members.
  • B.Satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapter 22.
  • A.Department notifications for deceased active members or the death of an active Department member’s immediate family member will be taken by:
    • 1.the member’s unit of assignment or;
    • 2.the Special Activities Section.
      A Department member receiving a notification concerning the death or hospitalization of an on-duty Department member will immediately notify the Crime Prevention and Information Center (  CPIC ) and follow the procedures outlined in "Notification of Death or Serious Injury to a Member: Duty-Related".
  • B.A Department member receiving a notification concerning the non-duty-related death or hospitalization of an active Department member or the death of an active Department member’s immediate family will refer the caller to the member’s unit of assignment.
    • 1.When the member’s unit of assignment is not known, the Department member will attempt to identify the unit of assignment by reviewing the "Alpha Listing" or by contacting the Human Resources Division.
    • 2.If the member’s unit of assignment is not operational or cannot be determined at the time of the notification, the Department member will take the notification and submit it to the Special Activities Section for verification.
  • C.Department members receiving a death notification of a member of their unit will:
    • 1.obtain approval from their unit commanding officer or district station supervisor to issue an Administrative Message Center (AMC) Message.
    • 2.issue the approved AMC Message following the instructions in the directive entitled "Administrative Message Center."
      • a.The employment of active members must be verified by the Special Activities Section.
      • b.Members will attempt to obtain and include in the AMC message the date time and location of the Saint Jude Police League service, if applicable.
  • D.A Department member receiving a notification concerning the death of a retired member or the death of a retired member’s spouse will furnish the caller with the Special Activities Section telephone number. If the member’s phone has transfer capabilities, the caller will be transferred.
  • E.The Special Activities Section will:
    • 1.verify the death of a retired member or the retired member’s spouse with the Payroll Section of the Finance Division or the Pension Board.
    • 2.notify the Chaplains Section and provide the wake information, if requested.
    • 3.forward a notice to the Office of News Affairs for inclusion of the notification in the Daily Bulletin concerning the day, time, and location of the wake, funeral services, and, if requested, the Saint Jude Police League service.
    • 4.issue an AMC message.
III.Other Responsibilities
  • A.In the event of the death or serious injury to a member, the Director, Office of News Affairs or a member specifically designated by the Superintendent, is solely responsible for the dissemination of information to the news media. No other member will respond to media inquiries unless directed to do so by the Superintendent.
  • B.When a Department member dies in a non-duty-related incident, the member’s unit commanding officer will:
    • 1.arrange to obtain all Department property from the deceased member’s family and forward all non-unit Department property to the Human Resources Division.
    • 2.ensure that the personal property of the deceased member is returned to the family.
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Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
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