Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G05-02
Special Response Plans
Issue Date:07 December 2017Effective Date:07 December 2017
Rescinds:28 December 2012 Version; Special Order S05-02
Index Category:Extraordinary Responses
This directive:
  • A.continues the use of the Department's Special Response Plans Manual and assigns responsibilities relative to implementation of the plans.
  • B.explains the procedures for notification of off-duty members (Plan Blue).
  • C.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapters 46 and 81.
II.Special Response Plans
The Department response to large scale emergencies is based on two plans. Plan Red prescribes the use of available on-duty personnel in phases; Plan Blue requires the recall of off-duty personnel in phases and a modified work schedule for designated personnel. The "Special Response Plans" manual provides detailed instructions pertaining to Departmental response to Plans Red and Blue.
  • A.Plan Red
    • 1.Phase One: At the time of need, designated units on all watches in the Bureau of Patrol will provide the required on-duty personnel.
    • 2.Phase Two: In addition to Bureau of Patrol personnel assigned in Phase One, selected units of the Bureau of Detectives will provide personnel on the second and third watches.
  • B.Plan Blue
    • 1.Phase One: Selected off-duty personnel (except members on annual vacation/furlough or on the medical roll) assigned to the following units will be notified to report to a designated location at a specified time.
      • a.Bureau of Patrol
      • b.Bureau of Detectives
      • c.Bureau of Organized Crime
      • d.Bureau of Organizational Development
      • e.Bureau of Technical Services
      • f.Bureau of Internal Affairs
    • 2.Phase Two: Other selected off-duty personnel (except members on annual vacation/furlough or on the medical roll) will be notified to report to a designated location at a specified time.
      Sworn members who normally work in citizen's dress must have the prescribed seasonal uniform and helmet readily available. Sworn members assigned to a Plan Blue will report in the prescribed seasonal uniform, having the helmet readily available.
III.Plan Activation
  • A.A Special Response Plan will be activated only by the Superintendent, the First Deputy Superintendent, or the Chief, Bureau of Patrol. The initiating member will notify the Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC) of the plan and phase required.
  • B.Whenever Plan Blue is activated, CPIC will immediately notify the news media, and the following units via PAX: The Office of Emergency Management and Communications, the Bureau of Internal Affairs, and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability Complaint Desk.
IV.Notification of Off-Duty Members (Plan Blue Only)
  • A.News Media Notifications

    Radio and Television will be used to inform members that Plan Blue has been activated. The announcement will be as follows: "All members of the Chicago Police Department are notified that Plan Blue (Phase One or Phase Two) is now activated. Members of the Department may be notified to report to designated locations."
  • B.Unit Recall Notifications
    • 1.Unit Responsibilities
      • a.In addition to news media announcements, affected units will initiate the recall notifications of off-duty members.
      • b.Members assigned to make telephone recall notifications will inform off-duty members of the plan, the plan phase activated, the reporting time and location, and uniform requirements.
    • 2.Recall Roster Content and Accuracy
      • a.The Jaspersoft Employee Contact Information Report lists all sworn and civilian members assigned to a unit. This roster will be used to recall personnel upon activation of Plan Blue.
      • b.The roster lists each member's title code, the employee's name, employee number, and telephone number. The roster can be exported to a spreadsheet document to add additional information for indicating day off group, special status (limited duty, arrestee processing team, etc.), time contacted, reporting time and remarks.
      • c.To ensure that all information furnished on the roster is current, members will submit a Personnel Change Notice (CPD-11.611) in conformance with the Department directive entitled "Personnel Records."
      • d.Unit commanding officers will ensure corrections are made as needed. Unit administrative staff will obtain an updated hard copy of the roster on the first day of each police period.
      • e.Unit administrative staff will verify the accuracy of recall information for unit personnel with signature verification of each member on the unit roster. Unit recall information verification will be conducted annually.
    • 3.Additional Responsibilities
      • a.Information Services Division will ensure the report is available on the Jaspersoft Reporting application.
      • b.Human Resources Division will update each member's current personnel information as received.
    • 4.Recall Roster Accountability
      • a.Upon obtaining an updated hard copy of the recall roster as noted in Item IV-B-2-d of this directive, unit administrative staff will ensure that the old roster is removed from use and processed in accordance with existing record retention requirements.
      • b.Unit administrative staff will immediately file the roster used during the implementation of a Special Response Plan Blue until it is requested by the Office of the First Deputy Superintendent.
(Items indicated by italic/double underline were added or revised)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-010 RCL/TPF