Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E02-05
Compensatory Time Exchange - Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants
Issue Date:08 December 2009Effective Date:08 December 2009
Index Category:Payroll and Timekeeping
This directive informs sworn supervisors and unit timekeepers of procedures for reporting to the Finance Division the number of compensatory hours exchanged (cashed in) by those captains, lieutenants, and sergeants who elect to participate in the compensatory time exchange program.
II.General Information
Pursuant to the Agreement between the City of Chicago and the Policemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association of Illinois, Unit 156-Captains, Unit 156-Lieutenants, and Unit 156-Sergeants, a captain, lieutenant, or sergeant may elect to exchange (cash in) accumulated compensatory time not to exceed 200 hours at the member’s hourly rate at the time of payment.
  • A.Each unit will receive one copy of a computer printout of all captains, lieutenants, and sergeants assigned or detailed to the unit who are eligible to participate in the compensatory time exchange program.
  • B.Timekeepers will record the member’s compensatory time exchange reduction in the lower right-hand corner of the last page of the current calendar year Sworn Supervisor Time and Attendance Record (CPD-11.602-S Sworn Supervisor).
  • C.If the name of an eligible member assigned or detailed into the unit is not included on the computer printout, the timekeeper will enter the name of that member and other appropriate information on the printout. If the name of an eligible member who is detailed out of the unit appears on the computer printout, the timekeeper will enter the words “detailed to” plus the unit of detail in the column to the immediate right of the member’s social security number. For members detailed out of the unit, information regarding compensatory time exchange will not be recorded on the computer printout.
  • D.If a member is retiring or resigning after 01 January of the following calendar year and prior to 01 March of the following calendar year, the timekeeper will indicate the expected retirement date and annotate “Retirement Buyout” on the computer printout. All compensatory time exchanges will be included in the retirement buyout.
  • E.Members exchanging time will sign their name above their printed name on the computer printout acknowledging the time exchange figures.
  • F.Unit commanding officers will sign the computer printout and return it to the Finance Division no later than the second Friday in January of the following calendar year. A photocopy of the computer printout will be retained in the unit files for an additional 90 days.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
09-207 JB MAV