Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U03-01
Building Program Committee
Issue Date:02 June 2017Effective Date:02 June 2017
Rescinds:14 December 11 Version
Index Category:Facilities
This directive continues the Department Building Program Committee and identifies its membership, duties, and responsibilities.
  • A.The Building Program Committee will be composed of the following personnel:
    • 1.First Deputy Superintendent
    • 2.Chief, Bureau of Patrol
    • 3.Chief, Bureau of Detectives
    • 4.Chief, Bureau of Organized Crime
    • 5.Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development
    • 6.Chief, Bureau of Technical Services
    • 7.Chief of Staff, Office of the Superintendent
    • 8.General Counsel to the Superintendent
    • 9.Deputy Chief, Special Functions Division
    • 10.Director, Research and Development Division
    • 11.Director, Facilities Management
    • 12.Those members as appropriate on an ad hoc basis.
  • B.The Chief, Bureau of Technical Services, will act as chairperson of the committee and as the Department’s official liaison with the City of Chicago Department of General Services and the Public Building Commission.
  • C.The First Deputy Superintendent will act as the vice-chairperson of the committee.
  • D.The Director, Facilities Management, will serve as the secretary to the Building Program Committee.
In preparing the Building Program, the committee will focus on the following:
  • A.Developing a capital improvement program that identifies and sets priorities for current and future needs of the Department. This will include:
    • 1.allocation of space in existing buildings;
    • construction and major remodeling projects;
    • 3.certification of all written space allocations for completeness and accuracy in new construction and major remodeling projects; and
    • 4.the naming or renaming of new or existing police facilities.
  • B.Reviewing and adjusting priorities for any building program as needed.
  • C.Establishing responsibility for the execution of approved capital projects according to the overall plans.
  • D.Establishing the means by which estimates, specifications, preliminary plans, and final plans are to be prepared.
  • E.Ensuring the technical review of project needs, design, and cost estimates.
  • F.Submitting the capital improvement program to the Superintendent for approval.
  • G.Establishing, reviewing, and making recommendations to the Superintendent regarding building security policies.
Committee affairs will be conducted only when a quorum of the membership is present or contacted for a vote. A quorum will consist of at least the chairperson or the vice-chairperson and two other chiefs.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16 - 068 MJC