Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U03-02
Bulletin Boards / Boards of Honor
Issue Date:10 January 2002Effective Date:11 January 2002
Index Category:Facilities
This directive:
  • A.outlines criteria for posting material on Department bulletin boards and unit boards of honor.
  • B.designates responsibilities for the maintenance of Department bulletin boards and unit boards of honor.
II.Criteria for Posting
  • A.Material posted on bulletin boards will be of general interest to Department members and will not violate Department Rules and Regulations. Department- issued publications, e.g., orders, training bulletins, and safety posters, are approved for posting. Other material appropriate for posting include:
    • 1.items identified in a written directive as being appropriate or required to be posted.
    • 2.information concerning police associations and ethnic organizations that conform with the Department directive entitled “Police Associations, Clubs, and Ethnic / Fraternal Organizations.”
    • 3.notices from annuity and pension associations and collective bargaining organizations.
    • 4.announcements regarding educational opportunities, recognized employment vacancies, and job listings.
    • 5.personal communications from active and retired members regarding lost and found articles, death notices, weddings, hospitalizations, and other similar items.
      These postings will ordinarily be limited to 3" X 5" in size.
    • 6.civic, social, religious, employment, or recreational-related notices of interest primarily to Department members.
      Money solicited in connection with such an event will not be mentioned in the notice.
    • 7.letters, news clippings, or articles which are in good taste and of interest to Department members.
  • B.Material that may be embarrassing, offensive, or contradictory to the policies, procedures, and goals of the Department will NOT be posted. This will include:
    • 1.ethnic, racial, religious, nationalistic, gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental disability-type humor.
    • 2.items containing abusive, inflammatory, negative, or critical material.
    • 3.commercial advertising, notices of candidacy for public office, or other partisan-political material.
    • 4.anything which will detract from the proper appearance of a Department facility.
    • 5.materials relating to fund-raising activities in which an individual with a fiduciary responsibility over raised funds is an active Department member. This provision will not apply if:
      • a.such Department member has a familial relation to the beneficiary of the fund-raising activities, or
      • b.the fund-raising activity is sponsored by a Department-recognized association, club, or ethnic / fraternal organization currently registered with the Office of the Superintendent.
III.Boards of Honor
  • A.The Board of Honor will be the authorized means of displaying favorable printed material and documents regarding unit members’ activities and achievements, and unit operations in each of the districts, area centers, and Central Police Headquarters.
    • 1.The board will be placed in a prominent location within the building.
    • 2.A sign labeled “Board of Honor” will be attached to the top of the board.
    • 3.The board will be kept current through regular posting. No material will remain on the board for longer than one month.
  • B.The Board of Honor located in the lobby at Central Police Headquarters will be for the use of all units assigned to the building. The Commander, Department Administration is responsible for maintaining the assigned board and for posting material. Units assigned to Central Police Headquarters wishing to have material posted on the Board of Honor will submit it to the Commanding Officer, Special Activities Section, who will forward it to the Commander, Department Administration for approval.
  • A.The Commander, Department Administration will review, in accordance with the Department directive entitled “Written Directives,” the material proposed for distribution and posting throughout the Department and indicate authorization by a stamped “APPROVED.”
  • B.An individual member desiring to have material posted on bulletin boards Department-wide will:
    • 1.send 175 copies, not exceeding 8 ½" x 11" in size, on poster stock, to the Special Activities Section for approval.
    • 2.bear the reproduction cost of the material.
    • 3.not use a Department reproduction machine for this purpose.
  • C.Material not in compliance with the guidelines of this order or other Department directives will be returned to the sender.
  • D.Department members concerned about the suitability of posted materials on a unit bulletin board should immediately notify their unit commanding officer.
  • E.An individual member desiring to post material which does not relate to official City business on any single Department bulletin board must meet the criteria outlined in Item II and then sign and date the material prior to posting.
  • F.Commanding officers of Department units will be responsible for the bulletin boards in their facilities and will ensure that:
    • 1.material in compliance with the guidelines of this order or other Department directives is duly posted.
      Members who remove material approved for posting on Department bulletin boards without authorization will be subject to disciplinary action.
    • 2.material posted on the bulletin board is reviewed on a regular basis:
      • a.for compliance with the criteria outlined in Item II. Material which does not meet these criteria will immediately be removed from the bulletin board; however, prior to removing any material related to collective bargaining, unit commanding officers will contact the Office of Legal Affairs and the Management and Labor Affairs Section.
      • ensure that posted items are current.
    • 3.only approved locations are used for bulletin boards and that no other device will be installed or used as a bulletin board.
    • 4.upon request of a member, space is designated on a bulletin board for the employee to post material which does not relate to official City business.
    • 5.items attached to bulletin boards do not extend beyond the edges of the board.
  • G.In order to request bulletin boards, unit commanding officers will submit a To-From-Subject report to the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Administrative Services.
  • H.The Chief Operating Engineer, Department of General Services, will be responsible for installing bulletin boards once they are approved by the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Administrative Services.
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
01-086 KB[JB]